Work Trip!

Normally, I work from home for a law firm in another state.  I wrote about that journey last year.  I love working for a Christian lawyer who enables and encourages me to help people every day.

This past week, I flew to one of our company’s main offices to help another department with some much needed organizing.

010From Paper to Paperless!

A couple years ago, our firm went paperless (or at least not paper dependent) with most of the departments.  The department I was helping this week is run by only one person, so it’s hard to find that time to make that transition while still running everything else.


Oliver, the one man department!

So, I spent the week scanning, labeling and otherwise organizing the files while he worked on his cases.

I really enjoyed working in the office environment again, but I think I have grown to prefer the rhythm of the home office.  There were a lot of positives I don’t get at home, like amazing coworkers who share their lives with each other every day and breakfast meetings with my boss.  Still, I felt quite overstimulated by the end of each day.  I was blessed during the work week to stay with my boss and his wife.  I mean, the view of their backyard alone was enough to bring me the peace I needed after a crazy work day.


Gorgeous sunrises every morning!

And the adventures didn’t stop there!  However, this post is getting lengthy, so stay tuned for part two of last week’s trip!


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