Babysitting Boys!

I mentioned last year how much I love this family.  I truly do feel like they are my family.

So, I didn’t even hesitate when Lori’s husband approached me at church about babysitting the boys last Saturday while he took her to a fancy, fancy restaurant called Turtle Creek Mansion.  Apparently, every time I mention this place, every one of my friends swoon over it.  It’s definitely on my bucket list to try at some point.

However, I was more excited to spend time with their two little ones.  As I mentioned before, Lori and I have lunch together every Friday, so I’ve watched these boys grow every day, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  For example, we had dinner at their house one night, and the three year old regaled me with the story of Joshua and the wall of Jericho.  Such sweet hearts.

When we got there on Saturday, it was nap time for the boys, but I was ready for when they woke up.  Well, they slept almost. the. entire. time.   They woke up about 20 mins before their parents got home.  That was still enough time to get in some of my favorite activities.

Like watching Veggie Tales League of Incredible Vegetables.


And of course smiling for the camera with a loud “Cheeseburger”!


I also enjoyed snuggling the younger boy right after he got out of bed from his nap.  No picture of that, unfortunately, because that boy has the unique power of rendering me helpless with his adorable snuggling ability.  I didn’t want to move, just enjoy the snuggles.  🙂

These boys, and their parents for that matter, truly have a special place in my heart.  I look forward to watching them continue to grow (but not too fast of course)!


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