My Awesome Mother-in-law

This is my awesome Mother in Law.


Her birthday is this week, so in honor of her, I wanted to devote a post to just how awesome she is.  Since I’m a big fan of lists, I thought a Top Ten would be appropriate.

10. She knows how to find a good deal.  Anytime I stay at her house, at least one thrift shop is on the agenda during my stay.  She is excellent at finding the perfect piece to add to her house, as well as keep me included in the process!

9. She has a heart for dogs.  She has the sweetest dachshund mix that she rescued a few years ago.  She also shops at thrift stores that benefit no kill shelters.

8. She has a heart for God.  If she’s not hosting dinners or thrift shopping, she is volunteering at the church or reading her Bible.

7. She is amazing at her job.  She is an executive assistant at the local university in town.  She encourages the grad students in her department, as well as keeping the department in line and organized.

6. She has a heart for people.  It’s easy to see the outpouring of love she gives by the way people respond to her.  Everyone who comes in contact with my MIL seems to leave with a smile on their face.

5. She has a heart for family.  Not just the immediate family of her husband, sons and their wives, but also all of her extended family and beyond.  She loves to find familial connections from the past.

4. She is encouraging.  Not just with our goals, but she is always ready for a compliment to brighten someone’s day.

3. Her laughter.  It’s contagious and absolutely wonderful.

2. She is a strong woman.  When my father in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, she took on the role of his caretaker.  On top of her full time job at the college.  Some days, I don’t know how she does it.

1. She raised her son, my husband.  And for that I will be forever indebted to her.

Happy Birthday, MIL!


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