A New Table!

Right after we moved here, we bought a little pub style table for our apartment that has served us well for five years.

PicMonkey Collage

But as years and preferences have changed, we decided to sell our old table and buy a new one.  We wanted one that would last for many years to come, so we decided to make it a bit of an investment.  This table was going to host small groups, Easter dinners, family time, and a whole host of other get-togethers.

So, since it’s not completely necessary to have a table to continue our week, we decided to sell that first and then order the new one.  In the interim, we took advantage of the open space to have a nice picnic.


We bought a meal deal from Whole Foods, which was amazing and not very expensive.


While that was fun, we were really looking forward to actually having a table in this space.  So, yesterday, the table arrived and was set up!  It was from Havertys Furniture, the Marley table with chairs.  It’s SO nice.  Plus, the flowers Michael brought home Tuesday night complement it so well.  🙂


Have you made any new purchases lately?

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