Life is a Journey

I believe that we are on several journeys at any given time.  I’ve read about people on journeys with food, marriage, family, or even a literal journey to someplace unknown.  I think that’s the reason people blog.  They are on a journey, and they are sharing it with their readers, whether to find encouragement or give support.

I have a confession.  I’m not a good writer.  It takes me a while to grab the thoughts swimming around in my head and place them in some distinct, articulate manner on paper or the screen.  My best form of communication is probably the one-on-one conversation.  I can read people pretty well in those situations, and I know when I’m not making any sense.  A computer screen doesn’t always give me those cues.

I think that’s why I like videos so much.  It’s like being able to write a piece twice.  First, you shoot the piece (sometimes over and over again), being able to hear it all out in the open.  Then, you can edit that piece before publishing it to the world.  Still, I like blogging too, because it’s a challenge.  Plus, the community is amazing.

I sometimes have a problem being envious of the good writers in the blogsphere, the successful ones that seem to easily relay information with quirky undertones and unique storytelling.  However, I started looking at blogging like it’s a journey.  Some may be ahead, while others behind me, and still others are going in a completely different direction altogether.

So, today, I just wanted to share what was floating around in my head with you.  I look forward to continuing on this journey of writing, and perhaps look back at this post a year or ten years from now with better perspective.  I hope you will still be here, as well.  🙂


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