This week has been hard for me for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of my health.

It’s a mix of sinuses as well as just over all feelings of yuckiness that have kept me from being online at all.  Plus, I’m trying this new medication the doctor gave me that I don’t think my body appreciates as much as it needs to.

This is not the week for me to feel this sluggish and sick, since Easter is literally right around the corner.  My sweet husband has been helping out a lot even though he is working late due to busy season.  So, since something needs to be dropped for the moment so I can focus on others things, unfortunately, blogging needs to be that thing.

That said, I might be MIA for a little while.  I’m going to talk to my doc about the side effects of this medication, hopefully today, and see what I can do about switching it out.  I will talk to you all very soon.


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