Good Morning, Sunshine!

Now on to something a bit cheerier and happy!

Almost every morning, I like to start my day with some upbeat music.  This particular song is guaranteed to make me smile.  It’s simple and sweet (Warning: This song will get stuck in your head for several days if you listen to it).

The artist is a British YouTuber called Alex Day, or Nerimon in the YouTube World.  Not all of his videos are family friendly, unfortunately, but this song and its accompanied video are safe for all ages.  I tell you this because I was searching for a link to his channel, and his most recent video is not one I would share.

Without further rambling, here is Good Morning, Sunshine.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine!”

  1. I officially need to get my hubby that T-shirt. 😉 LOL! Thanks for sharing!!! Now I shall be humming it all at work though. Ha!!!

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