TV Summer Shows: What Are You Watching?

You should know a few things before reading any of my TV or Movie reviews.

First, I tend to attract to anything sci-fi, fantasy, spy, detective, or comic book related.  I grew up on Star Trek, Star Wars, X-men, Mel Brooks movies, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I have comic book trading cards from elementary school still lying around this house somewhere.  I especially love a well-written strong female character.  A little romance between fight scenes isn’t too bad either.  A beautifully composed story will completely capture me.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of reality television.  Reality TV tends to follow a formula instead of a storyline, usually using the same formula again and again, which works well the first few times, but by season 5, it’s just dull.  When I sit down in front of a screen, it needs to capture me with well written dialogue, beautiful scenery and costumes, and heroic plots.  Now that I can pick shows based on my own schedule, I have grown quite picky in what I willing to watch.

Which brings me to my last point, I don’t have cable, or satellite, or really any broadcast channels available.  We had problems with our cable going out all the time in our apartment; so the last few months we lived there, we ended up watching our shows on Netflix or Hulu.  When we moved into our house, we decided to keep doing it.  Granted, we have to watch them a day after they air, but it really doesn’t make as huge of a difference as you would think.  It saves money, and we can watch shows when we want to watch them.

Most TV networks make trailers for their upcoming programs, which really helps me decide what I do or don’t want to watch this year.  The fall trailers are already available, and I’m very excited about those.  However, when I looked at the summer lineup, I was really disappointed.  Granted, the summer is not the best time of year for tv programming, since viewership goes down across the board, still I hoped for at least a few of the premieres to be really exciting.  After going through all the trailers, in addition to the shows I look forward to coming back, here’s what I will be watching this summer.

So You Think You Can Dance – I know I said I don’t watch Reality TV, but honestly I don’t really watch this show in its entirety.  I fast forward through to the dances, which you can do on Hulu.  I love the way the choreographers transform dancers from other genres in storytellers on stage.  This has a 30 day delay on Hulu, so even though I know the season has started, I still have to wait a while.

The Goodwin Games – I chose this one because the premise sounds slightly interesting.  I do love a show that promotes healthy family relationships, as well as puzzles and games.  However, the writing and acting are so-so.  The plot lines are very predictable, so I don’t know if I will make it through the entire summer with this show.

Continuum –I like the fact they tell a lot of the story from her perspective.  She’s a mother and a wife, working a job that is a little dangerous, but nothing really prepares her for what happens.  Apparently, this show is already running in other countries, so spoilers are everywhere on the internet.  Still, if you like a good sci-fi story, this is one to check out.  I included the original season one trailer, so no spoilers from me, either.  🙂

Twisted – Every season, I watch a YA tv show (a show that plays on the CW or ABC Family) in hopes of a well written storyline without making sex the center of every plot point.  I always get disappointed through the first season one way or another, so I don’t expect this to be much different.  Though, I do love a good detective story, so maybe there is a chance after all.

Under the Dome – Based on a Stephen King novel, that was all that had to be said, and I was hooked.  It’s not coming out until the end of June, so other than the trailer, I know little more about it.  It is on CBS, which does not show on Hulu, however the network site does show their episodes the day after they air.

That’s really it as far as TV shows go.  If I’m missing anything, let me know!


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