Sous Chef Competition and other Last Weekend Happenings

I fully realize that we are already on our second weekend in June, and I’m just now posting last weekend.  I just have so many things to write about lately, it’s taking time to post everything.  Thank you for being so patient!


One of Michael’s friends from work invited us to a Chefs for Farmers fundraiser for Cafe Momentum which helps at risk youth with life skills, education and employment.


We tasted eight different samples of entrees from sous chefs who work at well-known restaurants in the area.  They each worked with a local farmer who provided the ingredients for their meal.  We tried goat (not pictured), lamb (not pictured), egg (far right), vegetarian(not pictured), chicken (far left), beef (second from right) and pork (second from left).  Well, I didn’t try the pork.  It doesn’t agree with me.  The winner of the competition was the lamb, with the runner up being the pork.  I voted for the goat, which was a bit on the spicy side so I understand that spicy is an acquired taste.


There were also samples of pastries as well, but we only voted on the entrees.  The sous chefs voted on the pastries.  I don’t know who won that competition.  The above picture was an ice cream, complete with waffle cone.  It was one of my favorites!


Afterwards, Michael’s friend gave us a driving tour of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas.  Michael and I plan to go back when we have more time.  It was built about 6 or 7 years ago.  They have really neat restaurants and boutiques.  We were especially excited about the Society Bakery.  The cakes in the window were so cute.


We did make one more stop before heading home.  It was Krispy Kreme!  We thought it went out of business completely, but apparently there are a few still left.  The smell of fresh, hot doughnuts was divine.  We bought a dozen to enjoy this week, and Michael even got a hat.  We had such a great time on this adventure.  It was a great way to kick off the summer!


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