Ice Cream Crank Off!


This year, I finally was able to go to the Killis Melton’s Ice Cream Crank Off.  It is held in Chestnut Square, where my favorite farmer’s market is, right in the McKinney Downtown area.  We have never been able to go for one reason or another, but this year, I was determined.


So, I got some friends together and we met for lunch at The Pantry, featured on the Food Network’s Outrageous Food a few year ago.  They are well-known for their pies, but because I was about to eat a lot of ice cream, I refrained from indulging in their amazing choices and just got a quick lunch.


Then, it was on to the Ice Cream!  I bought the extra ticket to be able to vote on the best ice cream in the tent.  This also allowed me unlimited tastings, but there were so many choices, by the time I was done with just one round, I was full!  There were some really fascinating flavors, like bread pudding (made by the Pub where we ate a few months ago) and rosemary.  My favorite was a Pecan French Toast, which of course I ate before getting a picture.  At the end of the line was the most amazing vanilla ice cream made in this old-fashioned churner.  It was so good!


Once we were done, we put our ballots in the bucket.  I managed to catch Gerry putting in his vote, which was for the bread pudding.  It was definitely a close second for me.


It was such a beautiful day.  They had a train ride for the kids as well as pony rides and a petting zoo.  The Farmer’s Market was also open, but most of the vegetables were sold by the time we were done with the ice cream.  You have to get there much earlier if you want a good selection because they go fast!  We had a great time, and I hope to go again next year!


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