June Gardening Update!

I realized, as I was categorizing my posts, that I haven’t really written about my garden lately.  Well, it has grown quite a lot!


Above is a picture of both raised beds.  The beds are right next to each other on one side of our back yard.  This year, we grew an assortment of yummy goodies for the summer.  In the first bed (below), we are growing okra, basil and tomatoes.


The tomatoes and basil were both seedlings when we bought them, and they have grown quite a bit.  The okra was grown from seed, and I’ve been very happy with that result as well.  I can’t wait for some delicious grilled okra!  Of course, I have been feeding my addiction with trips to the Farmer’s Market, but still…so excited!

In the second garden, we have zucchini, corn and three different peppers – Serrano, yellow and jalapeno.  The jalapeno grew the fastest.  It’s almost ready to pick, and I feel like we just put the seedlings in the ground!  The corn and zucchini came from seeds, and the corn has already grown more since I took this picture.  It has tassels coming through the top, and baby corn starting to pop out of the sides!  The zucchini are small, but I hope they will grow quickly!  I’m ready to make zucchini chips!


But that’s not all!  I also have a new addition to my flower garden, as well!  I was hoping to add Gerber Daisies again like last year, but I think I waited to long, and they were sold out at every nursery.  However, I did find these beauties!


Sunflowers are my favorite flowers in the world, but they are usually too big for vases and gardens, so I usually plant my second favorite, which are the Gerber daisies.  Now that I know dwarf sunflowers exist, I will be planting these every year (provided I don’t wait too long like I did with the daisies this year, of course)!

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