Mothers and Fathers Day

Since I took a hiatus in May, I didn’t really recap Mother’s Day, so I’m just going to throw it in with the Father’s Day update.  This year was bittersweet for our family.  I was having a miscarriage still on Mother’s Day, but we did have amazing support from Michael’s parents who came to visit that weekend.  Michael got me a card from the dogs and some chocolates.  I know there is controversy when it comes to counting your fur-babies as children in general, much more on holidays like these, but I think it was good to take a moment to remember and appreciate the little family we have in the present.


Father’s Day is special to me because, well, I was born on Father’s Day.  I was also born on my dad’s half birthday, and those two facts have created a unique bond we share.  He is one of the biggest reasons I have as strong of a faith in God as I do.  He is also the reason I am a fan of sci-fi stories, as well as Princess Bride and Mel Brooks movies.  He challenges me to always improve who I am, to not just settle for things in this life, but to continue growing and changing and learning more about the world where God created us to live and appreciate what He made.


Since both of our fathers live at least six hours away, much of our celebration was spent on the phone or Skype.  I wanted to take a moment to honor Michael as well, since he has been so supportive of me through everything this year.  I got him a little card (from the dogs of course) and framed pictures of the dogs that I took last week in our backyard.  I know when we do have kids someday that Michael will make an excellent father.


One more surprise happened on Father’s Day.  As you know, my favorite flower is the sunflower.  As we were driving to church this week, along the highway was this huge field of sunflowers.  It really made my day, but it didn’t stop there.  After lunch, Michael surprised me with a stop at the field to take some pictures.  He is really such a wonderful guy.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day and a great beginning of their week!


2 thoughts on “Mothers and Fathers Day”

    1. It was so big, you could see it from miles away (although you can see most things from miles away with Texas being so flat 🙂 ). It was just this big yellow patch in a field of green.

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