Happy Birthday, Stessie

001I wanted to take this opportunity to wish my best friend and sis a very happy birthday.  She isn’t my biological sister, but there are some people in this life that go beyond the confines of friendship and jump headlong into a familial status.  Stess is one of those people.

I met her the summer before my freshman year of college.  We were set up as roommates during a summer program put on by our university to help incoming freshmen become acquainted with the campus, set schedules, and create connections with their class.  When it was time to sign up for actual roommates during the school year, I convinced her to continue rooming with me, and the rest is history.

She never gave up on me during college.  This was pretty huge, as I wasn’t the greatest friend in the world, especially that first year.  During our sophomore year, she went to Greece for a semester, and I managed to get myself into a mess of trouble.  People were gossiping about me, lying and stretching the truth, and it was completely out of control.  She returned and set things straight.  She knew who I was at my core, and I am forever thankful that she continued to believe in me.

She is smart, funny, beautiful and honest.  She encouraged me to believe in myself when I thought there wasn’t much in me to matter.  She saw me make mistakes and still loved me so much.  I am forever grateful for her friendship and for the fact that I can call her my sister.

Love you Stessie!  Happy Birthday!  We are going to rock this decade!


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