Weekend Birthday Celebrations aka My husband is amazing (Part 2)

If you haven’t read day one of this trip, here is the link.  The second day of Tulsa was a little less structured.  We went exploring that morning before heading back home, stopping wherever we wanted to stop.

Our first stop was this park we passed on our way to dinner the night before.  It had this beautiful little bridge and waterfall, and I wanted to get pictures.  When we parked the car, we realized this park was more than just a waterfall.  It had this gorgeous four tiered rose garden, filled with all sorts of hybrid roses.  Each rose garden level had its own lily pond, complete with little frogs and water lilies.


Then, we headed towards the front of the park to take pictures of the waterfall, the whole reason we stopped.  In order to get to the waterfall, you basically step into a fairy land.  The stone, trees and water seemed reminiscent of something out of Irish folklore.  Of course, it came complete with a quote from a Midsummer’s Night Dream on one of the benches.  It was pretty spectacular.


After we left the park, we headed to the number one attraction suggested in a book we found in our hotel room.  The Golden Driller is this huge statue by the fairgrounds in Tulsa.  We thought it would be like Big Tex from the Dallas Fairgrounds, but it was much bigger.  We were very tourist-y pulling into the parking lot to snap a few shots, but we didn’t care.  We were tourists, after all.


Finally, we headed back on the road, driving a different way back this time, but the gorgeous rolling hills and farmlands still stretched in every direction (as well as a few casinos here and there).  However, as we got closer to the state line, we started seeing signs for an Amish store.  I’m fascinated with all kinds of cultures, but the Amish are definitely one of my top favorites.  I had no idea that there were Amish families so close to Texas.  Apparently, according to the cashier, there are about 130 that live near the shop, although they get most of their products from the Amish community in Ohio.  We bought some jam and watermelon fudge.  The fudge is out of this world amazing, although watermelon is probably one of my favorite tastes of the summer.


After that quick stop at the Amish store, we headed home.  I had an amazing time.  Michael did so well planning this little trip!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Birthday Celebrations aka My husband is amazing (Part 2)

    1. Katy Post author

      Yes, I loved having a day to just explore. I usually plan it all out, and I had never done that before…I might start doing that now. 🙂


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