Dog Post!

It’s been a while since I did a dog post, so I thought I would share my favorite pictures this month of my pups!


We call Jerzee a princess, but I think she’s taking the name a little too seriously here.  I was just working at the computer one day, and she did this all by herself.  I guess she thought it might make the room a bit darker for her to sleep, or perhaps she just needed the fancy bedding.


Jerzee is also pretty smart when it comes to the habits of her humans.  Every time Michael closes up the doggie door to do yard work, Jerzee immediately races to the front room to watch him begin his mowing in the front lawn.  It’s like she automatically knew where to find him.


Loco can be found in one of two places lately.  He’s either sitting on the couch, where I usually sit, with his head under the blanket.  He removed his head from the blanket when I approached, you know, in case I need something.


Or, Loco is outside with his rope toy.  It’s his absolute favorite toy, and he rarely parts with it unless he is hunting for June Bugs.  I have yet to get a picture or video of that, but once I do, you know I will be sharing!

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