Quick Trip

A few weeks ago, I went on a quick business trip to my firm’s main offices.  It also happens to be where my alma mater and my in laws are as well.  While I didn’t get any pictures of my in laws on this trip, I really appreciated their hospitality on such short notice.
We did walk through the university one night, and my, has it grown!  They were building these gorgeous new apartments on one side of the campus.
Also, there is a Starbucks nestled in the middle of all of these buildings.  It makes me wish I was back in college, living in these gorgeous apartments, sipping a caramel macchiato on my way to morning class.  Well, it almost does.  I really like my life after college a little better.  🙂
One night, my boss and his family took me to the Bulldog since I had never been.  This was a big deal since I had lived here for six years, counting college days, and not once had I driven out to this restaurant!  It’s famous for it’s strawberry shortcake, so much so that truckers will plan their routes around this little diner.  For dinner, the options were pretty much hamburger or chicken strips, but people really come for the shortcake.  It was delicious, and I’m so glad my boss treated me to this experience!
In between the buildings and the Bulldog, I was doing mostly legal work type things, which I won’t bore you with (even if I find them exciting).  It was a great visit all around!

2 thoughts on “Quick Trip”

  1. I’m with you on that! I have good memories of college, but I prefer my life after too. I don’t miss all of the pressure and the exams. 🙂

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