Summer TV Update!

It’s been about a month since I started my Summer TV shows, and I’ve had a lot of disappointments, but a few good things as well.  So, here’s an update on what I’m watching.

So You Think You Can Dance – Since I have the 30 day delay on Hulu, it’s just now getting into the auditions and Vegas week.  However, Hulu is showing clips of the most recent stage dances (and I can find the judges’ comments on YouTube), so I’ve been able to keep pretty up to date.  Man, are the dances starting out spectacular.  My favorite so far is a Travis Wall routine where the dancers dance completely blindfolded for pretty much the entire thing.  Here’s a clip of that!

The Goodwin Games – It’s still a show full of fluff.  The episodes just don’t really have anything for me that pull me into the next week’s episode.  However, when I finally do get around to watching them, they are at least entertaining for the 20 minute show.

Continuum –Sad day!  Neither Hulu or SyFy are showing new episodes of season two this summer, just previews and clips.  I could buy them on Amazon, but I think I will just wait until Netflix has the full second season.  Maybe next year…

Twisted – The show seems to be getting better, but it is pretty slow.  There are some very good points addressed in each episode, and sex hasn’t been the spotlight so far.  I find it interesting how they are approaching forgiveness and acceptance among teenagers.  It touches on a lot about honesty and trust, which are the things pulling me into each episode.  The facial hair on the main character is distracting, however his personality is really fascinating, the way he deals with each situation.

Under the Dome – This was my savior show this month.  The first episode hit the ground running.  We are introduced to all the characters and even know some of their dark secrets and hidden agendas.  I’m really excited to see more of the show this summer.  However, the cow scene was just plain gross and sad.

Graceland – This show caught me by surprise.  It reminds me of the premise of 21 Jump Street, except instead of high school, it’s Los Angeles.  Mike Warren graduates from Quantico (FBI) top of his class.  He wants to become a director some day and makes plans to start working in Washington DC, however the Bureau sends him to a safe house for undercover agents in Los Angeles instead.  He meets a legend in the FBI, Paul Briggs, who doesn’t seem to live up to his name, as well as other agents from the FBI, DEA and Customs.  It seems to be a perfect mix of cop show and spy show, which is what drew me in the first place.  The acting isn’t always amazing, and the premise is sometimes completely unbelievable, but I am interested to see where the story will go.

That’s pretty much it for my June experience in TV land.  Hopefully July will have some even better reviews!


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