Dog Days of Summer

Just thought I would share some favorite recent doggie pictures from my camera and phone.

052Bonnie, my parents’ puggle, followed Loco, our boxer mix, everywhere, including his crate at times.

059aCan you tell my brother was holding jerky?  My dogs can.  🙂

WP_20130714_002aThis is fuzzy because I took it with my phone across the auditorium.  Last Sunday, we had a guest speaker who talked about things we can learn about God from a dog, and he brought his sweet Rottweiler for demonstrations!  It was so awesome.

WP_20130717_001Sweet Jerzee taking a snooze on her bed in my office.  This is usually how I find her most of the day in various positions, but the fact she was propped up by the pillow was pretty cute.

Hope you are having a great week!

1 thought on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Amy @ A Desert Girl

    I bet the presentation about things we can learn about God from our dogs was really cool! That’s a great topic.

    Love the jerky (out of sight) picture. It’s like they’re all, “ATTention!”


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