Update of Sorts

It’s been a full week since I last posted anything.  I know that you understand taking a break from blogging, but in truth, I feel like I’ve been taking a break from everything.  There are a lot of projects in process, so the house feels disheveled and when it’s like that, it takes extreme amounts of energy to focus on anything….and I work from home. 

I’m not complaining at all.  I love my job.  In fact, today was my 8 year anniversary at work.  This is the longest I’ve ever worked anywhere.  Other than family and Michael, this is the longest committed relationship I have ever had.

Right now, at work, I’m in a long transition process.  In order to do my new job, I have to work off of a database, a database that I started building in June.  So, I have one foot in my old position, trying to get those cases completed, and another foot is in filling out a database on every active client we have.  It keeps me pretty busy.

Also, this weekend, Michael and I planned to go shopping without realizing that it’s the tax free weekend.  We somehow always plan a shopping day on this particular weekend.  I hope we find some good deals amongst the throngs of people at the mall.  Or at least a good parking space.  Cause that really does make or break a shopping mall experience.  There’s just something about a great parking space that makes the whole day better.

Maybe I will do a haul of what I find at the stores this weekend next week.  Maybe if I type that then it will actually motivate me to do it.

Oh!  One of the secret projects may be completed tomorrow.  If it is, I will definitely do an update.  Until then!

Does anyone have any amazing, fantastic plans this weekend?


1 thought on “Update of Sorts”

  1. I definitely want to see what you find this weekend in your shopping travels!! 🙂 And I can’t wait to find out about your secret project!

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