Project Complete!

A couple years ago, my husband started talking about wanting to paint the house.  We put off this project so that we could go to Europe last year.  Finally, the time came when we couldn’t put it off any longer, so we started piecing out the project.  We ran the numbers and tried to figure out how much it would cost, what we would have to buy and how long we would have to work on the project.

In the end, we realized we might need some professional help.  No, not the psychological kind, the kind that brings a paintbrush.

Enter Nor-Tex.  In truth, we talked to several painting companies.  However, when it came time to interview Nor-Tex, one of the owners, Jason, came out and spent time measuring and checking the entire outside of the house, asking me questions through the whole process.  He was patient as we waited for our HOA to approve the colors (not really a major deal, just took some time).  We had picked out the colors before picking a painter, but that wasn’t a problem for them either, they matched our colors perfectly with the Sherwin Williams colors they use.

Everything happened within one week.  The first day, two guys arrived and put the gutters on our house.  They went up beautifully, and we were quite impressed at how quickly they did their job.  Then, a group of guys came to the house one Friday and power washed and painted all in one day.  Jason came with the painters that morning to get the final touches approved, making sure the garage door and trim would be painted the way we wanted.

Then, the painters went to work!  They were so nice and professional.  I work from home, so I was there the whole day while they painted.  It was neat to watch the whole project being put together.  Towards the end, the other owner, Luther, came by to make sure we were happy with the progress.  As the painters left, Luther walked through the whole project with Michael, my husband, to see if there were any touch-ups.  Then, the next day, the painters came back for about 30 minutes, doing any requested touch-ups.

We had such a great experience with Nor-Tex!  Their pricing was very fair, their work beautiful, and the professionalism was stellar.  I would highly recommend their business to anyone who would want to spruce up their home.  Here are some pictures!

001Before (the picture on the left was taken when we moved into the house almost 4 years ago)

002Here are the gutters on the house after Day One

003And here are the final pictures!  We are so happy with it!  I especially love the back porch!  It has really brightened up the area!

By the way, I was not paid, nor did I receive any kind of compensation for this review.  I am just so impressed by the business, I thought I would show my friends what amazing work they did!  If you live in the Dallas area, you should check them at their website or their facebook


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