Summer TV Update! August Edition

The summer is almost over in TV land, and all I can say is thank goodness.  The TV schedule has been such a let down, and I spent most of the last month watching old seasons on Netflix instead of watching current shows.  That is, if I watched TV at all.  Maybe it was a good thing that there was so little on TV so I could focus on other projects and spend more time outside.  Texas weather has been quite mild this year, so I see it all as a blessing anyway.  🙂

So You Think You Can Dance  – I now only watch the dances and judges’ comments on YouTube.  This season, I really only feel invested in the choreography.  I don’t know why the dancers just don’t seem relatable or interesting like last season.  My only guess has been that maybe I gravitate towards unique dancers, and this year it’s just been the token personality dancers on the stage.  Either way, the dancers are being whittled down and in just a couple weeks, the winners will be announced!

The Goodwin Games – Yea, I stopped watching this show.  I don’t know if I removed it from my queue or it was cancelled.  It just didn’t do much for me this year.

Twisted – Each week I was getting frustrated because it seemed like they were introducing a new storyline within each episode and then not resolving or using that storyline in the next episode.  Everything felt disjointed to me, until about Episode 9 or 10.  All of the past “building up” episodes came to a head, and everything seems to be weaving together nicely.  Unfortunately, this week it’s more of a recap before they launch the final few episodes before the mid-season finale in September than it is a new show.  I don’t know why they are doing this, probably to remind you of all the storylines before the big whammo of a finale.  Who knows.  It’s not been the best show ever on earth, but it has definitely kept me entertained at lunch time.

Under the Dome – Honestly, I stopped watching this show.  Probably because it’s not on Hulu so it’s hard to remember that it exists.  However, when I did remember, I just wasn’t in the mood to watch.  My husband enjoyed it more than I did, and I think he’s watched a few more of the episodes.

Graceland – I stopped watching this show as well.  The characters were really whiny for being undercover agents.  Even though I was attracted to the premise at first, it didn’t make me want to stay.

I am so happy that this summer TV experience is coming to an end.  The fall looks promising.  I have already set up my calendar for when the new shows premiere, and it looks so exciting!  I can’t wait until the next update post when I get to talk about them!

Have you enjoyed any shows this summer?  Looking forward to the Fall?


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