Project Reveal!

I am so excited to share with you our latest project.  This project has been in the works for a while, at least since the spring.  One of the major outcomes of this project was to move Michael into this room so that we could share the space.  This would be our mission control room to organize more projects as well as other activities.  Plus, if I saw a hilarious video on YouTube, Michael can just turn around in his chair instead of having to come all the way up the stairs to see it.

Here are the before pictures.

Office Before

The room was painted in green and taupe-ish color.  When I moved into the house, I wanted to try an accent wall in my office, since I’m not big on hanging things on the wall.  To be honest, I have grown out of love with these colors.  Also, my work station that I use during the day was cramped, and I didn’t use the desk behind me (the one next to the filing cabinet) very much at all.  I never used the one by the window, with maybe a once or twice a year exception.  The space just wasn’t utilized very efficiently.

Closet Before

The closet wasn’t very efficient at all.  It was obviously meant for a bedroom, with the one wooden shelf and attached rod.  There was about three feet of space above the shelf, which I couldn’t and didn’t want to stack things very high because then, I couldn’t reach them.  I felt like whenever I put something in this closet, it would go to some abyss.  I couldn’t find things very well, and the drawers in the middle made it almost impossible to access anything on either side.  I used the drawers initially because it was more organized than just putting things on the one shelf or the floor.

Before the project started, I went through everything in that closet and decided to throw it away, sell it, or find a proper home for it.  I then organized those things into containers and labeled them (which you will see in the video).  Then, we got to work on the actual closet, itself.

Breaking Down Closet

We removed the bar and shelf, which came off pretty easy since it was just nailed in.  Michael first broke the seal around the shelf and then removed it.  Then, we went back and spackled any places where the shelf may have taken a little of the dry wall with it.  We were going to paint the closet as well, so this wasn’t a major deal.

Then, we moved everything out of the room, except for a few pieces that were more involved, which we just moved to the center of the room.


Then, Michael got to work taping up all of the baseboards and door/window frames.  We used Frogtape for the first time, which we loved.  We really didn’t have any seepage under the tape anywhere in the room.  The first time we painted this room that was a major issue.  I am sold on Frogtape now.  I won’t paint a room without it!  (I am not sponsored by them at all, just my opinion)


Then, we painted the closet first, since we were putting new shelves in there.  Michael did most of the painting, though I helped with the closet.  When it was time for shelves, we used the Rubbermaid adjustable shelves which were cut to our closet’s specifications.  We went to the Container Store for inspiration, but financially, we found Rubbermaid to be more cost efficient.


I put together a slipcover of the chair I inherited from my brother who bought it at a pawn shop.  The back is really high, so I used the fitted sheet for the arms and across the back of the chair, and then covered the seat to back with the flat sheet.  I even used the pillowcase for the seat pillow!  I felt very green.  Also, this is a no-sew slipcover.  I used a lot of safety pins to pull the piece together.

Finally, we moved everything back in, and it all had a place to go!  I was so happy with the end result, so I decided to make a little room tour to show you the new office!  Hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Project Reveal!”

    1. For me, the splashes of color only work if the walls are really light neutral (or gray in this instance). I had the same decor in the previous room and it just looked like a hot mess. 🙂

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