Gardening Update

I know it’s been a long time since I updated you on my garden.  I didn’t want another month to go by before letting you know how it all went this summer.

Raised Bed One

So, first is the zucchini.  It started out glorious.  We even got one from the plant.  And then the plant started to wither.  Larvae had burrowed through the stems of the plant (which are hollow anyway) and pretty much killed the thing.  We might try again next year, but I will have to do more research to combat that pesky pest.

Next were the peppers.  They were the last to go into the garden, and they are doing great!  We have had several peppers grow from each plant, although they have been smaller than the first fruits batch.  That might be the weather or watering or both.  When Michael wanted to plant the peppers, I thought it was because he wanted peppers.  Actually, he planted them so he could give them to a friend!  So, we haven’t had a lot of these ourselves, but our friends have enjoyed them!

The last plant in this raised bed was the corn.  We probably didn’t water it enough because by the time it was ready to harvest, the husks were underdeveloped.  With corn, you only have that one window of time to really do it right, and with everything else going on this summer, apparently we missed that window.  Still, it’s more learning lessons for us next year!

Raised Bed Two

In the next raise bed we had basil, tomatoes and okra.  The tomatoes have had plenty of fruit on them, and would even ripen beautifully.  But by the time we got out there to pick them, the birds had already feasted!  We tied plastic bags around the plants in hopes to deter the birds, but it didn’t work.  Those birds were just too smart!  We did pick a couple in the orange phase and brought them in to ripen, but they weren’t nearly as big.

The basil grew and grew.  It was one of the best crops I have ever had.  We used it several times this summer for Caprese sandwiches, and they were so yummy.

Finally, the okra was probably my crowning achievement.  Apparently, okra loves the heat.  The only problem I ran into was not harvesting fast enough!  They would get too big and too rough to eat, but if timed correctly, they were succulent and delicious.  I love to roast okra in the oven or the grill.  I could live on that vegetable alone.


So, it’s been a season of learning and a season of celebration.  I will definitely try again next year with a new crop maybe change out some of the vegetables, maybe not.  Either way, I know it will be a fun experience like it was this year!  And maybe even some yummy dishes to boot!

2 thoughts on “Gardening Update

    1. Katy Post author

      Thanks! I’m that way with any flowers. My husband does a great job with those. I think I was lucky with the basil and okra because of this climate.


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