Carnival Fun Time!

On Saturday, Michael and I were invited to a carnival hosted by St. Ann Catholic Parish in Coppell, TX.  It was a lot of fun.  We got there in the evening, so the weather had cooled down to a nice perfect temperature.

The carnival was in the church parking lot.  There were tents that sold art and jewelry.  There were several different food tents.  Of course, there were also the typical rides and games there too, but Michael just had his wisdom teeth out this week, so we thought a spinning ride might not be the best idea.


We arrived around dinner time, so after a walk around the whole place, we headed to the main food tent for cheeseburgers and sausage on a stick.  Then, we took our food to the big tent to watch some entertainment.  First, an elementary group performed on xylophones.  Then, a little later, we heard a few songs performed by the John Wehlage Trio!  The guy on bass was hilarious!


After dinner, we walked around the church grounds.  They were absolutely beautiful!  I mean, nothing like the cathedrals we saw in France and Italy last year, but still really nice for an American catholic church.  The building has a big copper dome on the roof, but it is under construction due to some hail damage, so we just walked around the courtyards and sanctuary, enjoying a little quiet time away from the busy carnival.


Before we left, we played a game of bingo.  I had never played before, but I’ve seen people play it on TV and it looks like so much fun.  It really is!  We came in during the middle of one game so we had to wait.  We were asked if we had our own dauber, which our blank expressions probably told them we didn’t.  (The dauber is that stamp thing that you use to mark the squares)  Once someone yelled bingo (and the room groaned a bit), the new game cards were passed out, and it was game on!  Sadly, we didn’t win, but we had a fun time playing!


Overall, the carnival was a lot of fun.  We plan to try to come again next year!


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