WIW Update (Part 2)

If you haven’t seen my first post on the Fall TV season, click here!

NBC (While this network does show current episodes on Hulu, they are not available on mobile devices, only computers.  This limits where we can watch these in our house, but it’s not as bad as CBS)

The Michael J Fox Show (premiering on September 26th)                                                               

OK, does anyone else notice that NBC is pitting Michael J Fox against CBS’s Robin Williams?  The premieres are debuting at the same time, although this show will normally play at the 9:30 time slot.  The plot closely follows Fox’s actual life, being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, taking a break from television, and returning to it once again.  This is another TBD for me.  I don’t know if it will be gold or if it will flop.  We shall see!

Grimm (returning on October 25th for a 3rd season)

This show and Once Upon A Time started the same year.  It is a darker perspective on fairy tales, more of a sci-fi, “they live among us” kind of feel.  We left off with Nick, the Grimm, in a coffin, which reminds me of the season finale of Angel one year (maybe because one of the creators was also an executive producer on Angel).  In fact, I see a lot of similarities now between the two shows.  Hopefully, Grimm won’t jump the shark too soon and will stick around for a while!

Dracula  (premiering on October 25th)          

This takes place in Victorian England, and it’s about vampires, not the sparkly kind either.  The trailer gave me a sort of Anne Rice, Interview with a Vampire feel.  The only fear I have is that I’m completely burnt out on vampires, and this one will go down in flames.  TBD, for me at this point.

FOX (This network is also pretty Hulu friendly, which is definitely a plus for us!)

Bones (returning on September 16th for its 9th season)

We left off with Booth canceling the wedding plans because of blackmail.  I’ll be honest.  I love the forensic science in this show, and I love the characters, but the plot is waning a bit for me.   I’m pretty sure this is the last season for the show, at least I hope so.  And I hope it ends with a beautiful wedding, and all the loose ends tied up.

Sleepy Hollow (premiering on September 16th)

This is the first new show of the season!  Ichabod Crane is awoken from his grave when the headless horseman, who he decapitated during the Revolutionary War, returns with a vengeance to the town of Sleepy Hollow.  Crane teams up with Abbie Mills, a detective, to try to catch what is apparently one of the four horseman of the apocalypse.  It’s a supernatural detective mystery from the creators of Underworld and the recent Star Trek films, so I expect it to be dark and to have lots of twists.  What’s not to love?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (premiering on September 17th)

I am only watching this for Andy Samburg.  Some of his stuff is funny, some of it is inappropriate.  I hope this show will be the former and not the latter.  It’s another TBD for me.


5 thoughts on “WIW Update (Part 2)”

  1. Your Fall TV list is WAY better than mine! I captured the ones I’m pretty sure we’ll watch, but I don’t think I covered any of these on my list… and all of these are set to record once they start, because Nate and I are interested. Ha, ha. I cannot wait to chat with you about them, once the series do actually start!!! 🙂

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