WIW Update (Part 3)

If you haven’t seen Part 1 and Part 2, you can visit them before or after this post!  This is the final post before the TV Fall Season!

CW (Like NBC, these are on Hulu, but not available on every device.  Also, these are all targeted for the teen crowd, so the plots aren’t quite as deep, yet still enjoyable)

The Vampire Diaries (returning on October 3rd for a 5th season)

I stopped watching this show during its 2nd season, but during this summer, when there wasn’t much else to watch, I got caught up through the 3rd season (and the end of the 3rd season actually made me cry).  I haven’t watch the 4th season, so unless Netflix or Hulu will put those before the show starts in October, I probably won’t watch this on the premiere date.  I know a lot has happened in the 4th season – doppelgangers become vampires, and vice versa, so I don’t want to be lost, but I thought I would put it on here because I have liked the show in the past.

The Originals (premiering on October 3rd)

It is a spinoff of TVD, and it takes place in New Orleans.  Those two factors will probably get me to watch at least the first few episodes.  I did watch a preview pilot this summer, and the main characters seem really, really whiny.  I hope it gets better or it’s going to be staked.

Beauty and the Beast (returning on October 7th for 2nd season)

We left with Vincent being carried off by the evil Muirfield Corporation, a place Cat may have more ties to than she realizes.  It’s a reboot of an old television show, but it definitely has its own twist.  I am looking forward to seeing where they take the story this season.  I hope it won’t be another season of will they or won’t they be together, though.

The Tomorrow People (premiering on October 9th)

This looks a lot like X-men, and probably trying to work off of that franchise.  It’s based on a UK show with the same name.  Several young people start having different powers, and there is an organization that is out to get them.  But hey, I love X-men; maybe this will be a good fit for me.  Plus, the creator of the show produced Chuck. This definitely holds promise.

Reign (premiering October 17th)

Is this the CW’s way of trying to draw on the Game of Thrones hype?  It’s a story about Mary, Queen of Scots.  There’s a lot of death surrounding the real Mary Queen of Scots.  I would think that will make for a very depressing TV show.  The creators of the show were involved in Eureka and Alphas, and the writer helped produce Ghost Whisperer.  If anything, this will be an interesting combination.  I guess we shall see.  TBD for me!

USA (*Edit* This is actually on NBC, which B down in the comments kindly informed me.  So sorry for the mix up! By the way, check out her blog, her Black Widow costume is amazing! *end Edit*)

The Blacklist (premiering on September 23)

The only USA show that I will be trying this year (cause let’s face it, I have a lot of watching to do).  A most wanted criminal mastermind turns himself in to the FBI and refuses to talk to anyone but a rookie profiler.  He helps them catch other people on the most wanted list.  But no one knows why he is there, and why the profiler is important.  I love a good psych mystery.  USA shows are usually very well written.  Plus, it has James Spader in it, and he can play that part very well.  I hope I’m not disappointed.

Well, that is all of the shows I’m going to watch, or at least try to watch this fall.  I don’t know if I will actually have time to watch them all as they come out, but I see a few premiere marathons in my future!  What are you looking forward to?  Is there anything I have blatantly missed?


3 thoughts on “WIW Update (Part 3)”

  1. I can’t wait for “Arrow” and “Supernatural” to come back! The wait is killing me! I plan to check out “The Tomorrow People” as well. And pssst, The Blacklist is on NBC, not USA.

    1. Doh! Thanks. For some really odd reason, it wasn’t showing up in the premieres on NBC on imdb.com, so I just assumed it was on USA.
      Either way, I’m still looking forward to it.
      My husband is a BIG Supernatural fan. I liked Arrow through most of the season, but I didn’t watch the last couple of episodes. Maybe it was just the time of year, and not the actual show, that made me say “meh..”

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