Dog Post Update!

It’s been a while since I did a Dog post!


This was back in July during a powerful thunderstorm.  Both dogs have a bit of storm anxiety, but especially Loco.  I put a little pillow under my desk, and they both ended up there!


I’ve been trying to snap a picture of Loco with his binky.  We call it that because he just holds it in his mouth like this and looks around.


Since Jerzee lost her front teeth, her tongue sticks out when she is asleep.  When she wakes up, she doesn’t pull it back in right away, hence this adorable picture.

WP_20130823_022Sweet puppies convincing me to stay in bed a little longer for morning snugglesWP_20130905_003

We moved the office around, and Loco now sits by the window every morning right before work and every afternoon around 5.  I call it doing his patrols.


And this is my favorite picture lately.  It was one of the first mornings of back to school.  Loco and Jerzee both stared out the window at the kids loading onto the school bus, making little whimpers.  They wanted to know why they weren’t going to school, too!

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