National Red Bull Flugtag…Say What?

About a month ago, this commercial started playing before some of my YouTube videos, and I was quite confused as to what this exactly was.

I finally broke down and looked up the event a couple weeks ago.  Basically, different teams create these flying (or not so flying) apparatuses.  Then, on Flugtag day, the team performs a brief skit, then they push them up a ramp, piloted by one of the teammates, and hope that it takes off across the lake.  Usually, it flops and drops straight off the ramp, and it’s hilarious.  This event is sponsored by Red Bull (cause it gives you wings, get it?) and happens in five major cities (DC, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Long Beach).  It’s also free.  After I learned the entry to this event was zero dollars, we knew we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.


So, Saturday, we set off to Lake Carolyn in Las Colinas.  If we were to do it again, we would probably head over much earlier.  While, we arrived only thirty minutes after the gates opened, the area around the lake had already accumulated a good sized crowd.  There are apartments surrounding the lake that I’m sure contributed partly to that.  When we entered the gates, we headed straight to the “hanger” to check out the different entries.

There were all sorts of characters among the different teams, trying to perform for more votes to win the coveted “People’s Choice” award (which you could vote for online or by text).  My favorites (the top three below) had to be the Duct Tape Dynasty, Team Pegacorn, and Toy Escape, although there were plenty of interesting themes.

PicMonkey Collage

As soon as we got through the hanger, we headed over to the food trucks.  This was another reason for coming to such an event.  We have a lot of diverse choices for food where we live, but nothing beats a great food truck.  After carefully surveying the lot, we settled on ssahmBBQ, a Korean barbeque.


It was SO good.  I got the quesadilla, and Michael got the Kimichee fries.  Kimichee was the common ingredient in all their food, which gave it a slightly spicy aftertaste.  Of course, we each had a Red Bull since that was the sponsor, but we stuck to water after that.

Speaking of water, there were several hydration stations around the park, which allowed people to fill up their empty water bottles.  You could even bring empty water bottles to the event if you wanted, to save money and stay hydrated.  The announcers reminded people to stay hydrated just about every hour throughout the event.

Unfortunately, the actual show started while we were getting food.  I got a few pictures from the fence near the food trucks, especially of Duct Tape Dynasty.  They did really well, and went very far!  The other team that was quite impressive was the Bull Fighters.  (Again, my two favorites are the top two in the picture below.)  Most of the teams, however, fell straight into the water, just dropping from the ramp.  The judges voted on not only how far they went, but how original their performance was as well.

PicMonkey Collage2

Overall, we had a great time.  It was absolutely gorgeous that day, not a cloud in the sky.  It had rained for two days prior, so the weather was quite cool, only reaching into the 80s.  It was a wonderful event, and I hope they do it again next year!



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