Song of the Week

This week has been incredibly busy.  Michael has been working long hours.  I’ve been doing a lot of projects both inside and outside work.  We have guests coming on Friday.  It’s all good things.  In fact, I wake up every morning excited for the day.  I go to bed every night completely exhausted.

On a side note,  this week has also been complicated by a sunburn I acquired last Saturday during Flugtag.  I even wore sunscreen.  It’s just the way my skin works.

Anyway, so in the midst of all this exciting chaos, I needed this song I’m sharing with you.  I actually first heard it on a Vampire Diaries episode.  However, the words seem to reference being still before God.  He uses a lot of Biblical verb-age.  So, a couple times a day, when things get quite chaotic and I’m looking at my calendar and my to do list, I stop what I am doing and turn on this song.  And I am still.

If you are also having a beautifully busy week, or maybe not so beautiful, I invite you to take a moment and just be still with this song.


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