Alzheimer Walk 2013

Despite my rough start to this week, I had a wonderful weekend, which started with a visit from my MIL and DIL (Mom in law and Dad in law).  This visit was for a particular purpose, which was to walk in the annual Alzheimer’s Association walk, which I mentioned a couple weeks ago.

We headed over to Downtown where the walk was held for the second year in a row (though we have been doing it for four years now).  This year was a little different because we invited our small group to walk with us.  I mentioned this lovely group in a previous post as well, but it still amazes me how much support and love emanates from this group despite how short of a time we have spent with them.


It wasn’t just our group that made an impact on my heart that day.  This year, they gave out flowers, each representing a type of person affected by this disease – orange for advocates, purple for those who have lost someone to the disease, yellow for caregivers, and blue for those who have been diagnosed with the disease.  At the end of the opening ceremony, everyone held up their flowers, and it was absolutely uplifting and beautiful to see.


Then, the walk began.  Our group walked together, but also walked with those around us.  There is a sense of camaraderie among strangers at this event.  We laughed, cried, talked about why we were walking.  It even started to sprinkle (it soon stopped and didn’t rain again until late that evening), but despite the humidity the quick drizzle left, we pressed on together.


Then, I looked up to see how far Michael and his dad had gotten ahead of us (they walk a lot faster than we do).  That’s when I saw this and snapped a quick picture.  It brought tears to my eyes to see the love Michael has for his dad.  Michael has always had a caretaker’s spirit, especially when it comes to his parents, and to watch him wrap his arm around his father in this way…words just can’t express how proud I am of my husband and his relationship with his father.  I’m tearing up right now as I write this.


We all crossed the finish line together, and then headed to Cracker Barrel for some brunch.  There, we met up with more people from our group who couldn’t make the walk, but still wanted to spend time getting to know my family.  The food was delicious.  The service was amazing.  It was a great time spent with family and friends.


Oh, and we raised over $700 (and still counting!).  I know that people donated the day of the race, and it hasn’t been reflected yet in the numbers on our team page.  We were one of the top ten fundraisers of this walk as well!  My mother in law was just amazed at all the support from every community.  We are truly blessed, and we hope that with all the money raised, we will be closer to a cure!  Thank you for all of your support and prayers!  They were definitely felt that day!



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