Appreciating a Special Couple

Last Sunday, Michael and I attended a reception in honor of one of our preachers and his wife at our church who have been there for twenty years.  It was a come and go reception, but there were still so many people there, waiting to hug that sweet couple.


When Michael and I first moved here, this was one of the first couples who embraced us.  They were in our small group for those first few years of our marriage.  They have supported us and loved on us in our ups and downs.  I remember on Mother’s Day, when I went to church after my miscarriage.  I couldn’t make it through the service without crying, and this preacher saw me leave the sanctuary, trying my best to hold it together.  He sought me out and made sure I was okay, and I will never forget that.

His wife is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet.  She takes care of her parents.  Her dad has Alzheimer’s disease, and she has helped us navigate through that when our own family was affected.  We love this couple so much and are blessed to have them be a part of our lives!  We love you Keith and Cindy!



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