It’s a doggy dog city!

Last week, in honor of National Dog Walking Week (which we also celebrated last year), the website contacted me to join their online community by sharing how Jerzee and Loco represent our area.  Since we live in such diverse metropolis that is Dallas, TX, I decided to choose just one part of that, which is McKinney.


Now, if you know my blog at all, you know that McKinney, especially Downtown McKinney, is probably my most favorite place in the world.  In 2012, it was voted the 2nd best place to live in the US.  Well, I think it is number one for dogs, especially considering this place fits my Jerzee-girl’s and Loco-bear’s personalitiess perfectly, and here are the top three reasons why.

1. Walking Trails and Dog Parks

Picture 011

Our dogs love a good, long walk.  In McKinney, there is no excuse to skip a day going on a nice dog walk.  We have beautiful walking trails and parks (even a dog park or two) interwoven among all the neighborhoods.  The scenery is always beautiful, but really, it’s the large array of smells that drive these precious pups (armadillos, rabbits, even a bobcat or two tend to leave their scent around).

2. Canine Cookie Company


Another favorite pastime for our pup-a-lups is eating.  They love their table scraps, and find that every meal time is just as important as the next.  But none of that compares to the treats from the Canine Cookie Company, located in Downtown McKinney.  Not only is the store pet friendly, but the cookies and cupcakes they sell are handmade by people in the community.  We always make sure to celebrate our dogs’ birthdays with a sweet treat from this place!

3. Krewe of Barkus


My dogs love a good party, so last, but not least, is the annual Krewe of Barkus that usually happens the Sunday before Mardi Gras every year.  I grew up in New Orleans, so this is special to both my pups and me.  I didn’t get to go this year, but Jerzee and I did explore it last year.  They have a theme each year (last year it was America), and all the dogs get dressed up to walk in a parade.  There are prizes awarded to the best and most creative.  Jerzee loved meeting all the dogs, as well as marching in the parade that year!

Overall, McKinney is a great place for dogs.  There is fun for both human and canine alike.  If you ask Jerzee and Loco, I’m sure they would give it four out of four paws (with two wagging tails thrown in too!).


*I was not compensated by DogVacay for this post.  I just thought this was a neat challenge, and I love writing about my dogs!*


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