Weekend Pictures

So, I had another crazy, whirlwind, and yet kind sicky-icky, weekend, where I took all of four pictures.

The first were my finished product for a bake sale.  Recipe found here.


The second was a picture of the actual bake sale on Saturday, which I promptly sent to Facebook to let people know it was happening.


And the final two pictures were catching my husband in mid-surprise project as he was replacing my summer flowers in the front yard as well as prepping to plant another garden for me in the backyard with some of my favorites!


For most of the rest of the weekend, there were storms coming in, which promptly put me in bed.  I can tell when a storm is coming just on how I am feeling.  I have no idea when I acquired this talent/curse, but it definitely comes in handy for my husband.  Unfortunately for me, it means I have to stay in bed until the headache and fatigue decide to leave me.

Despite that, it was quite a pleasant weekend.  How was your weekend?  Do anything fantastically fun?


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