What I Watched Wednesday

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So, there have been a lot of TV shows that have debuted this season, and while I did do three different posts last month, trying to predict what I would andwould not enjoy, I didn’t really want to do that every month.  So, I’m just going to touch on the last week of shows, what I enjoyed and what disappointed me.

First, I am really enjoying my teen shows this season.  The Vampire Diaries season 4 showed up on Netflix the day the 5th season aired on Hulu.  I spent a good bit of that weekend trying to catch up enough to understand what was going on in the new season.  I think I got the gist, and the new season has been non-stop with introductions of new characters as well as old ones with some new plots coming into play as well.  Beauty and the Beast really surprised me with how good the first two episodes are.  There is a whole lot more espionage, as well as some secrets the audience knows but the characters do not.  I think it will be a good show this season.

A lot of shows are leaning toward the cheesy side, which works for some of the short comedy shows like The Michael J. Fox Show and The Crazy Ones, but for the longer dramas, it kind of falls flat.  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has just been really, really cheesy.  I can’t seem to care much about the characters, and I like comics, Marvel and Joss Whedon.  I just don’t know where it has gone wrong.  Maybe it’s that they rely way too much on the Avengers movie to carry them through the season, but that’s just my speculation.  Another show that relies to much on it’s location and origin story is The Originals.  I get it.  You are in New Orleans.  I am from New Orleans and I though it would be neat to see scenes from the area, but they show the same five scenes over and over.  It gets a little tired.

Also, another heartbreaking disappointment was the Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland debuts.  Wonderland is at the head of the class on cheesiness, with the awful CGI, weak villains (at least the Red Queen is), and convoluted plot.  OUAT seems to have lost its heart as well.  There really isn’t a big evil this season, which I hope turns into something clever, but I just feel like we are replaying and recycling plot lines in different scenery.  It just feels like the characters haven’t grown since the first season.

I have enjoyed The Blacklist with James Spader as Reddington, the rogue FBI agent who seems to have a sincere paternal love for Agent Keen.  I like their chemistry, and I like the weekly plots.  It leaves me wanting more, and seems a little less predictable (though it can be quite predictable) than some of the plotlines of other shows, *ahem* Once Upon A Time *ahem*.  Also, Sleepy Hollow rocks, but I can’t watch it at night.  That stuff can give me nightmares.  Other than that, the rest of the shows I am watching right now are enjoyable, but nothing has really stuck out to me at this point.

I hope to do more in depth looks at the shows I’m watching at least every other week on Wednesday, if not every week.  We will see how it goes.  I know eventually I am going to have to stop watching some of these shows.  I’m just having a hard time saying no just yet.  However, if some of them continue along the path they are on at the moment, that difficulty will dissipate rather quickly.  What have you been enjoying?  Anything disappointed you?


3 thoughts on “What I Watched Wednesday”

  1. I agree completely, and I need to do a recap as well on my blog! I’m LOVING The Blacklist, but all the other shows are falling a bit flat for me as well.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I actually feel like I’m doing something wrong when I say I don’t like Once Upon A Time this season. I think it’s because I’ve been looking forward to it all summer. 😦

      Oh, and Blacklist was a wonderfully delicious surprise! I have so many questions already and can’t wait to see where they take it. The way Reddington swooped in to save Lizzie this last episode…so paternally awesome! He has got to be her dad or something.

      1. I KNOW! I think he might be her dad too! I can’t wait to see what happens next! (And what’s up with her husband??).
        As for Once Upon a Time, I’m in the same boat. I hate to say that I’m not loving it, but I honestly am bored with it so far…

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