What I’m Watching Wednesdays

I have to say that overall, the shows are getting better.  Once and Wonderland, I think, are finally finding their footing, although I kind of wish we would go back to Storybrooke at least once before the mid-season hiatus.  I liked Hook’s back story, and I’m glad they are giving more depth to his character, but whatever happened to the dwarfs and Red and the rest of the characters left behind?  As for Wonderland, I hope the “little less conversation, a little more action” continues to be the theme in future episodes.

I don’t want to do a complete recap of the other shows, but I thought I would mention those two since I’ve been rather disappointed in them.  Speaking of disappointment, I think I might have found my first cut.  The Michael J. Fox show just isn’t working for me.  There is nothing inherently wrong with the show, but I just don’t really relate to it, or find any of the supporting cast that entertaining.  The last episode was the first time I just stopped watching altogether in the middle of it.  I will give it one more episode, but I don’t think I will be returning.

There were three shows that premiered this last week.  The first was Ravenswood, a spin off of Pretty Little Liars.  It was interesting.   I honestly thought it was going to be a bit cheesier (based on this season of shows up to now) than it was.  It was a bit dark, and the end of the first episode definitely left a cliff hanger.  There are already a lot of questions, and the characters seem believable enough for a teen show.  I hope they do something with the Caleb/Hannah relationship because silly voicemail messages to remind viewers that he has a girlfriend on another show just aren’t going to cut it for me.  Other than that, it is an interesting premise, and one that I will continue to watch for now.

The second show to premiere was Reign.  As I predicted, it has some serious Game of Thrones for teens kind of vibe.  The actors did a great job.  I think that the adult versions of this kind of show (Tudors, Game of Thrones, etc) have a lot of sex and violence in them.  This was a very PG-rated version of those kinds of shows, so instead of naked girls, they only show the shoulder.  In the death scenes, we see very fake dripping blood and a wide shot, but nothing too detailed.  There is a lot of innuendo, though.  I’m not sure where the series will go, or if it will survive, but it seems interesting for now.

The last show to premiere was Dracula.  Now, this is a vampire story!  It holds no bar on the violence and reality of the vampire legends.  Grayson is an excellent character.  The writing is good, however, I’m afraid that the vampire theme has been played out too much.  I hope that this return to the original will breath new life into the genre.

Grimm also debuted it’s third season this past Friday.  Nick, the main character, is running amok in a zombified state, while all of his friends look for him.  I have to say that in this first episode, Juliette got on my nerves.  It seemed like at every turn she was saying “what about Nick?” to the point of annoyance.  Ok, you are worried about him.  I get it.  I think it will get better, because the last two seasons have been wonderful, but this first episode has me going…meh.

Well, that’s all I want to touch on this week.  I think most of the premieres have come and gone, so in the next few weeks, it will be all about cutting and culling down the watching to really invest in the best of the shows this season.  It will be really hard since the shows are getting better, well most of them anyway.  Let me know in the comments what you really enjoyed this week.  Am I being to hard on the MJF show?  Are there any that you are letting go of already?  Any that I haven’t mentioned yet?


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