What I Watched Wednesday

Ok, so I’m going to jump around a bit here.

First of all, I’m glad OUAT (Once Upon a Time) finally released their “Ariel” episode that they have been teasing since the summer.  As for the episode itself, it was okay.  I want to be more invested.  I know that the love triangle of Emma, Neil, and Hook is now full in place, and I want to care more…maybe I’m just love triangle-d out.  I am excited, however, to be returning to Storybrooke.  I’m hoping that it will renew and refresh my interest.  Don’t get me wrong, I still look forward to every episode.  It’s just that when I finish an episode it’s left me wanting, and not in a good way.  OUAT in Wonderland took a short break this week.  It has gotten better, but I didn’t lose anything by not watching it.

The Originals finally released their main plot story last week.  Now we know how everyone is connected and the story can finally start to pick up.  I am really enjoying these shows more than I thought I would.   Reign is also growing on me.  Maybe it’s because I like historical fictions like that, or that I love a good Ren Faire.  Either way, the new teen shows have really been great this season.

The scary shows have been hit or miss.  Ravenswood is on the edge of interesting, but not quite there yet.  Sleepy Hollow came back this week, and they had the main guy from Fringe make a guest appearance!  This episode was more historical in nature, which I like (see Reign above).  It was less nightmare-ish than previous episodes.  Grimm has me completely uneasy.  Nick has found out what his friends have done for him and decided to keep his mouth shut.  It will only be a matter of time before that comes back to bite him.

I haven’t seen the Blacklist episode this week, but I plan to remedy that tomorrow (it’s just been a busier week than normal – I had two hearing meetings and an office meeting at work, plus all the adventures of posting my vlog – more on that later).  I read an article that said Blacklist has the highest ratings of all the new shows this season.  That doesn’t really surprise me.  It is well written and well acted.

I’m still enjoying other shows like Elementary and The Crazy Ones, however, I’m officially bidding adieu to Michael J Fox Show.  Apparently, their ratings weren’t doing well either and they blamed it on coming on after another show that has since been canceled.  There is nothing inherently wrong with MJFS.  It’s just perhaps too light of a show?  Like, the characters have very little actual depth to them in my opinion.  I just don’t relate I guess.

What are you loving, now that the season is in full swing?  What has disappointed you?  Let me know!


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