Week in Review (November 11th–15th)

Well, this was quite the unexpected week.  Here’s the recap.

Sick Dayz

Monday night, I got a sinus infection, which has lasted pretty much all week.  It really hasn’t been that bad, just a lot of fatigue and a few migraines.  I took a sick day on Thursday because I have a lot planned for the weekend, and I needed a day to just reboot.  It helped a lot because Friday I was able to get out and have lunch with a friend, something I haven’t been able to do all week.

I have had chronic allergies and sinusitis (which seem to go hand in hand) ever since I was little.  They have gotten better in recent years, with changes to my lifestyle, a regiment of medication and adding a teaspoon of local honey to my daily diet (usually in my tea in the morning or at night).  I have even gone whole seasons without a full blown sinus infection.  At most, I might have a headache here or there, so this week was a surprise, but not a big surprise.

Video Update

These last two videos have not been without their challenges, and since I didn’t have much to do but sit and rest this week, I have been doing a lot of thinking.  However, I want to share with you my decisions regarding the future of my videos in a video, because that seems appropriate.  I don’t think it is what you will expect, but everything will be revealed tomorrow in a video on my blog.  Stay tuned!


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