What I Watched Wednesdays

I’m determined to bring this series back into play on my blog.  I truly enjoy film and television.  I mean, that was my degree in college, so I must like it a little bit!

But I don’t want to go on and on about every single thing I watch during the week.  Some of it is simply not worth mentioning, and the rest can be overwhelming to try to relay without just giving a recap of the show’s plot.  I don’t like just regurgitating information, but instead really allowing my preferences to shine through my words.  So, here is the plan I have decided to follow.

I will pick no more than five things I enjoyed that previous week.  The only exception is when it may be a new season and I want to share several things I’m interested in seeing (like I did last September).  That way, I can focus more on the quality of these posts instead of making sure I include every show I have mentioned.  Plus, I can add other things I might have seen and enjoyed that may not have been included in previous posts.  So without further ado, here are my favorites lately.

Taken from IMDbTV on YouTube.com

Once Upon A Time’s mid-season finale – I feel like this one episode makes up for several this past season that I found boring and slow.  I mean, wow.  The last ten minutes alone are worth every minute trudging through Neverland and listening to Henry’s whines.  Most television lately has been pretty predictable.  We can usually guess who the killer is or who will die next, but this episode took us completely by surprise.  Even Michael was shocked at the ending with a resounding, “mind blown” reaction.  If you stopped watching the show this season (which I don’t blame you if you did), you really must catch up because this episode eclipses all the other episodes combined.  Without giving away any spoilers, let me just say that Emilie de Ravin’s (Belle) acting towards the end was absolutely heartbreaking.  Michael Raymond-James (Neil) has yet to convince me that he even enjoys being a part of the cast, much less on the show.  Also, I can’t wait for March 2014 because this is happening:

Taken from IMDbTV on YouTube.com

I mean, awesome, right?  🙂

The Well-Enjoyed Shows of the Season –  Over all the episodes, I have four new favorite shows.  They all ended at different points (not all in the last week) so I’m including them together.

All pictures taken from IMDB.com

They are Reign (CW), Sleepy Hollow (FOX), The Blacklist (NBC) and Dracula (NBC).  Towards the end of their seasons, Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist deal with the patriarchal theme in different ways.  Dracula has been fascinating, much more like Ann Rice and the scarier versions of vampire lore without losing the human side to the character (which is truly derived from the people surrounding Grayson, without them, he would be nothing more than a monster).  Finally, Reign.  It is captivating and totally historically inaccurate, but I don’t care.  Everything from the sets to the costumes is simply beautiful.  The actors are really well cast, and the writing is well done.  Of course, I can’t turn down a story that involves a queen and her prince.

Which leaves me to the last thing I enjoyed this past week.

Taken from IMDB.com

I was scrolling through the Christmas videos on Netflix the other day, when I came across “A Princess for Christmas.”  Since it had princess in the title, I just couldn’t pass it up.  It stars Katie McGrath (who played in Merlin and Dracula) as Jules Daly, a girl from Brooklyn who is obsessed with antiques.  Last Christmas, she loses her sister and brother-in-law in an accident and gains their two children.

It’s been a year since the accident, and they are struggling to celebrate Christmas (especially since she lost her job).  In comes a butler, who works for her brother-in-law’s father (a duke in Europe who disowned the family when his son married a woman with no title).  Apparently the Duke has a change of heart so, the three plucky characters take off to the castle, called Castlebury of all things.

The writing is really cheesy.  Every problem the characters encounter is resolved within minutes (not montage minutes, but literally minutes after the problem arises).  However, there are some redeeming qualities as well.  McGrath’s American accent is pretty impressive (she’s originally from Ireland), as well as the accent of the actress (who is from England) who plays the little girl .  The acting, despite the writing, is well done, and the sets are quite beautiful.

Despite the cheesiness, it’s still a fun show.  There are pretty dresses, a sweet romance, and a Christmas Ball at the end.  Santa even makes an appearance, so who can argue with that?

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been watching lately.  I look forward to the new year and the return of several of the shows that have gone into winter hibernation.  Next week, be on the look out for another installment of What I Watched Wednesdays: Christmas Edition where I share my FAVORITE Christmas films.  Until then!


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