Recap of the Week (January 4th through 10th)

This past week, I made a video series regarding my New Year resolutions.  In case you might have missed that this week, here is a recap.

This year, I divided my resolutions into seven different themes – Spiritual, Home, Health, Online, Work, Marriage, and Community (in no particular order).  Some of the “resolutions” were continuations of what I have been doing in my life, while others were more like projects I wanted to work on and hopefully complete this year.  Here’s the breakdown.


My relationship with God is the most important relationship in my life, so I want to grow closer to him this year.  I chose three different avenues (though there are many to choose from) to work on this – Service, Devotionals, and Prayer.  At the end of 2012, I was introduced to a lot of different kinds of service – from fundraisers to ministering to the homeless.  I want to do more things like this because they help me get out of my own self-involved anxiety and worries and help me to see the bigger picture better.  I also plan to do a morning devotional every day (a continuation from last year) as well as a devotional around dinner time (which is new this year).  Michael and I have tried to have devotional time before bed, but it never seems to work well.  So this year, we are going to try them at the dinner table instead, since dinner is usually a time to catch up and converse about the day anyway.  Finally, I want to grow in my prayer life.  One way that has been challenging to me is meditation.  It’s pretty hard to fight the running to do list in my head whenever I try to be still.  This year, I’m going to use a meditation timer to hopefully aid me in this endeavor.


My home resolutions consist of a lot of projects that I want to complete this year; however, I do have one that is more “resolution-y.”  I want to try a new recipe every week for the first 10 months of the year, and then change it to a favorite recipe for the last two months (when life tends to get really busy).  I also want to have dinner at the table at least three nights a week.  We have gotten into the horrible habit of eating in front of the TV.  Since we are doing dinner devotionals this year, we thought we might as well have dinner at the table to make it easier.  As for the other resolutions, I want to redo our library and kitchen, as well as organize the pantry and master closet.  Finally, we have a project room that is in desperate need of both redecorating and reorganizing.


This year I want to take steps towards being healthy.  I think in years past I’ve tried to take on too much, being too unrealistic with my time management; so this year, I’m going to take smaller steps to get better results.  First, I’m going to do monthly fasts this year from just one item.  For instance, in the month of January, I am going to be fasting from soft drinks.  It’s just a simple way to cut back on the unnecessary.  Also, I am going to keep a food journal, which will help me navigate what I’m eating and how it’s affecting me.  Also, instead of focusing on running this year, I plan to put more focus in strength training (using Fitness Blender on YouTube), yoga, and walking the dogs.  Finally, for my emotional health, I am going to continue keeping a gratitude journal, spend about 30 minutes a day outside – either reading or just taking in the day, and every other month I plan to have some kind of relaxing appointment – like a haircut or massage or pedicure – something that will force me to spend some time away from the craziness of life.


This year, I want to get a little more involved in the online community.  So, the first resolution I have is being more present on Twitter.  Last year, Twitter was more of just a place to let people know if I posted on YouTube or WordPress, but this year I want to get a little more interactive, so I’m going to do at least one update a day on my Twitter account with either a picture or a message.  I’m hoping to make it more interactive as the year progresses.  Also, I want to build my YouTube channel.  I’ve really enjoyed making videos these past several weeks, and I want to continue doing that in the future.   I’m not going to do daily vlogs, though I have a lot of respect for those people who do that.  Instead, I will be doing travel vlogs, date night vlogs, holiday vlogs, and crafts.  I won’t be posting these videos on WordPress the same day I post them on YouTube.  It’s really convoluted to try to post on both, so if you want to see my videos as I post them, you can subscribe to my channel or to Twitter, as both will let you know when I’ve updated.  That brings us to this blog.  I plan to write at least two, maybe three times a week.  I want to keep doing my What I Watch Wednesdays as well as my Recap of the Week (which will post on Saturday).  In my recaps, I will post about any videos that I have done that week, as well as a brief summary of the videos for those who may not be able to watch the videos.  So there’s something for everybody.  Smile


I don’t talk a lot of about my job, although I have mentioned it before.  I work from home for a law firm in another state.  I used to work in that state, but when I got married and had to move, my boss made it capable for me to work from home and continue working for him.  I love my job.  I love my boss and his whole family.  They took me in when I was just starting out, and I am completely blessed for it.  I have never met more kind hearted attorneys who truly care for their clients.  My job for the last 8 years has consisted of aiding Social Security Disability clients who have been denied and have to navigate the appeals process.  At the beginning of last year, after several meetings with my boss, we made the decision to close that department.  I still have a few clients that I will see through to resolution, but we haven’t been taking new cases for almost a year now.  My new position is working as a Case Manager in the Bankruptcy department.  Basically, I call present clients at various intervals and make sure they have everything they need and are having a good experience with our company.  I love working in Customer Service and solving puzzles every day.  So, my resolutions include completing the cases and closing the Social Security Department of the firm, as well as creating an efficient system in my new job.  I also work in the Marketing Department of the firm, so I will be organizing the various ad formats to figure out what are the most effective formats and figure out the budget from that.  It’s never a dull moment at my job!


My relationship to Michael is second only to God.  Each year, I feel we grow closer together.  This year, I want to focus more on him.  Not because I think I’m just this selfish wife, but because he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t ask for attention, but truly deserves more than he gets.  He’s quiet and humble and patient with me, a true blessing to anyone who knows him.  So this year, I’m going to take a page from the Love Languages to make my resolutions.  I speak in the Gifts Language.  He hears in the Words of Encouragement.  We both share Quality Time as our second language.  So, this year, I plan every month to look for things that make me think of him or things that I think he would enjoy (little things like a candy bar or something on a wish list).  Also, I want to plan a date every other month that would be something he would enjoy, whether or not it’s something I particularly enjoy as well, such as a movie he wants to see or a place to eat or just a day shopping at aquarium stores.  Finally, I want to write him encouraging letters twice a month to let him know how important and special he is to me and what an incredible man he is.  I know that last one will really resonate with him (also, he doesn’t read my blog so I can share these without him knowing).  I’m excited to grow closer to him this year and know him even more!


The final theme for my new years resolutions is community.  I broke this us in Neighbors, Friends, and Church Family, even though these tend to overlap a bit.  For neighbors, I want to get more involved in my HOA.  Last year, Michael and I started going to meetings.  We met people who lived on the other side of the neighborhood that we might not have known.  We also learned that there are several opportunities to get involved, so this year my resolution is to get involved in some of the smaller projects to that I can get to know the neighborhood even more.  For friends, I want to continue having lunches with my mommy friends every week.  I started doing that last year, and it has really blessed me.  Also, I want to reconnect to friends that I’ve lost touch with, or at least I’m not in touch with them as well as I want to be, so I plan to start by emailing them at least a couple times a month to get the ball rolling.  I look forward to reconnecting with them!  Finally, with my church family, last year I resigned from a lot of ministries for several reasons, and this year I want to be more intentional with my involvement.  In years past, I’ve just volunteered whenever I was asked.  So this year, I want to focus more in Local Outreach, Missions Committee, and in our small group.  I hope that by focusing more on these three, I can be a little less overwhelmed and use my energy in the best way possible.

So those are my resolutions.  You can always check out the series I did on YouTube this week if you want a little more detail on each of these resolutions.  Did you make any resolutions this year?  Let me know!  Hope everyone had a great week!


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