Recap of the Week (January 11th through 17th)

So, in case you don’t follow my YouTube channel, last week I went on a cruise to the West Caribbean as a Christmas bonus from work.  Michael and I boarded the boat on Sunday, January 5th and were home late the following Sunday.  The beginning of the trip was affected by the cold front that plagued most of the United States that week.  While we didn’t nearly have the freezing temperatures that our friends had to endure in Texas, we did have 40 mph winds, 8 foot waves, and some chilly rain.  That did not ruin our trip, however!  The crew and staff on the Carnival Legend were beyond amazing.  They kept the morale high, and we had a pretty good time. 

Here are my favorite pictures from each day of the trip.

Cruise Collage

Sunday: Our first towel animal!; Monday: Sitting on the deck for our first day at Sea; Tuesday: The waves crashing on the beach in Cozumel; Wednesday: The markets in Belize City’s port; Thursday: Getting dressed up for our fancy dinner at the steakhouse!; Friday: Our view at lunch in the Grand Cayman Islands; Saturday: Enjoying one more sunset on the boat

Here’s a link to the playlist of the cruise videos from YouTube, in case you missed them.  Smile

To be honest, even though we had a pretty good time in general, Michael and I aren’t sure if cruising is our preference when it comes to a vacation.  Michael gets motion sickness pretty easily, and with the crazy waves, his sea bands weren’t much help, so he resorted to the patch behind the ear, which made him drowsy (though it did work).  For me, I found that a lot of the scheduled activities on the boat were either trying to sell me something or were much too late in the evening for me to enjoy (I am a early bird, through and through, so night owl activities aren’t for me).  We haven’t completely sworn off cruising in the future, however.  We just decided that if we do it again, we would make some different choices, especially with the time of year.  In our world, it probably wasn’t ideal to book a cruise right after the holidays and right before busy season was in full swing!

As soon as we got off the boat, we hit the ground running.  In fact, I feel like I haven’t stopped running since November!  We got in late Sunday night and went to bed fairly quickly.  I have been chipping away at a lengthy to do list all week.  I unpacked our suitcases and did laundry, cleaned the house in preparation for hosting our small group on this coming Sunday, caught up with all my clients and phone calls and emails at work, as well as worked on some of my new year resolutions.

Speaking of which, I’ve not been able to start all of my resolutions yet.  I’m not really devastated about this.  I know that I’ve been doing things that took precedent to those resolutions, and I’ve remained fairly organized in the meantime.  Once I have finished getting back into a regular schedule, I will be able to incorporate all the things that I want to do this year.  Like I said in my resolution recap last week, this are steps I am taking toward a bigger goal, and if it’s a small step or a big step, I’m still that much closer to what I want to achieve.

Among all the hullabaloo this week, I did manage to do some things for myself.  I wanted to break in my mixer, so Tuesday night, I baked a couple dozen cookies for Michael to take to work (cause I figured they would need a pick me up after the first few weeks of busy season).


Also, I managed to walk the dog almost every night this week after work, even if it was just a short walk.  The walks really help me clear my head, and the fresh air is very welcome (even if it was a bit chilly on a couple of those nights).  Still, I live in one of the most beautiful areas I know, and the scenery is just gorgeous.


I’m looking forward in the weeks ahead to move closer to a normal schedule, despite busy season keeping my sweet husband away.  I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring my way!


4 thoughts on “Recap of the Week (January 11th through 17th)”

  1. No WAY!?! Nate and I JUST got back today from a Carnival cruise! LOL!! And we totally looked into doing one that went to your location, so wouldn’t it have been hilarious, and fun, and over-the-top exciting had we been on the same ship??? But, alas, we just got back from the Bahamas instead… We had fun, but I totally agree! We hit some pretty big waves too and I got sick on the second to last day. Also, we weren’t too crazy about one of our destinations… And lastly, our food was horrible! Like, by the last day, we just stopped eating. Ha, ha. But we had fun, and I’ll be blogging about it this upcoming week! But I thought it was too funny that you just went on a Carnival cruise too!

    1. Oh man! That would have been awesome! Yea, one of our destinations wasn’t really that great either, but the last one was awesome! The food was touch and go. We splurged one night on the fancy restaurant, and that was pretty worth it!

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