What I Watched Wednesdays: Sick again?

So, last week, I was sick with a stomach bug, and now this week I managed to get food poisoning.  Let’s just say that I’m hoping this is the end of all my stomach suffering for a while!  Anyway, this entry will be pretty short as I’m still recovering from the poisoned food I ingested on Monday night. 

In addition to it being a crazy week, the TV shows haven’t really been that spectacular, except for Reign.  I really have started liking that show.  And it is SO not historically accurate, but I understand that they have to develop these heartthrobs and at least give a twist or two that people won’t expect, but yea, I already know the outcome of the real Queen Mary, and it is all quite tragic.

Speaking of tragic, Dracula was just one big frustrating tragedy this week.  All I can say is poor Renfield.  Who knew that Van Helsing was such a ticking time bomb?  It does look like we are getting closer and closer to the original Bram Stoker storyline with each episode.  If it’s anything like the original, this show is not going to end well.  It seems like no one in the story will have a happy ending, which is so heartbreaking.

Vampire Diaries was horribly predictable, even to the end of the episode.  I feel like they need some fresh blood in the cast, that the writers are kind of getting a little too creative with the plot.  I hope there are some actual twists coming soon, and not just more of the Elena/Catherine/Stefan/Damon quadrangle. 

That was really pretty much it.  Now I’m going to head to bed and hope to feel much better tomorrow!  Night!


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