A Year in My Life of Transition

If my life were a movie, I feel like the last year would be edited into a montage.  So, in a recap of the last year, I thought I would share a montage of my year in photos.


Having my family come to visit in July was wonderful.  I am very thankful to have their love and support in the ups and downs of this past year.  Having a mom that I can vent my frustrations to (and vice-versa) is invaluable.  Also, having a dad and brother who will listen and be able to say exactly what I need to hear is pretty great too. 🙂


This year, I have been especially grateful to be with this man.  We have had several small adventures through this past year, including beer brewery tours, concerts, long nature walks, even watching people launch things off of ramps to see if they could fly (also known as the Red Bull Flugtag, as seen above).


At the end of September, my in-laws walked with us in the annual Alzheimer’s Walk.  I am so thankful to have married into such a  supportive, compassionate and loving family.


When Michael and I were visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, they took us on a hike through this beautiful park.  This past year, I have learned a lot about spending time in nature as a way to heal, relax and process.  I have incorporated it into my prayer time as a way to connect to God.


Now, who would put up a picture from a cruise to talk about her job?  This girl!  The whole reason I went on this cruise was because of my job! This was our Christmas bonus this past year, and for Michael and me, it was very much needed.  Even though my job has been in a steady state of transition pretty much this whole year, I know that I have the love and support of my work family.  That really makes a difference.


Speaking of family, this is one of my favorite memories of the past year.  I was honored to be able to watch Lori’s two older boys while she and her husband were welcoming in their third!  I think of this sweet family as an extension of my own, and I don’t know how I would have made it through this last year without them!  They are truly a God-sent gift into my life.


The trip to New York was a pivotal point for me this year.  It was uncomfortable and pushed me outside of my limits.  From the moment I got off the plane to the moment I was back in Dallas, I was in community with people unlike me.  A lot of the time, I was by myself in the middle of one of the largest and most diverse cities in America, and I realized how I had forgotten to be with people.  When I came home, I was determined to keep a grasp on this feeling of worldwide community.

That’s when I really started feeling uncomfortable with where I was in my life.  I realized how much time I was allowing myself to go through the motions unchallenged.  A few weeks later, I’m signing up for a Spanish class at the community college that has allowed me to meet people from different countries and cultures who don’t always agree with me, even about core value things.  And, I’m learning to disagree gracefully.

There are more days that I keep my head down than I would like to admit, but I’m still learning to grasp for the challenging opportunities to grow.  I’m still trying to see the world from another’s perspective and make decisions in accordance with the direction and purpose I feel called to in this life.  I hope to go even closer to the life I feel called to lead in this next year, and hopefully I will continue to take you all along in my journey.


4 thoughts on “A Year in My Life of Transition”

  1. I got all teary eyed reading this. It’s been a deep privilege to walk through life this last year with you. I love you so much dear friend!

  2. I think it’s so incredible to look back and to see the journey that God brought us on! And I know that my husband and I both have also learned to include prayer time in our morning walks or even in quiet time in the woods. Sometimes it’s easier to be still and to be quiet. Thank you so much for taking us along on your journey!

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