My Fourth of July Weekend

This past weekend was different than a lot of holidays that I celebrate.  Michael left Thursday morning to help his mom for the weekend, and I had to stay behind for a couple reasons, but my favorite was this one.


This precious pooch is our neighbor’s dog who I took care of all week, including the holiday weekend, while they traveled for vacation.  She is so sweet, and her fur feels just like a teddy bear’s fur. She didn’t mind one bit for me to constantly want to pet her.  I’ve never felt fur like that!

So, since Michael was gone, and I was on my own, I thought I would just take it easy.  I had a few ideas of things to do with my time.  That is, until Friday morning, when I saw this.


You may not be able to see it right away, but the left (his left) side of my pup’s face is swollen.  So, it was an all morning trip to the animal ER (since our Vet was closed for the holiday) to give him a steroid shot and some antibiotics.  It turned out just to be a general infection, and he’s doing much better.  By the way, our vet called yesterday just to make sure he was doing okay.  We have a wonderful vet office!

After that fiasco, I decided that I needed to be a little more proactive with the things I wanted to do this weekend, so when I got home from the ER, I made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish:


I managed to get all of them done, but I didn’t take a picture for every one.  Surprisingly, I managed to stay away from the internet organically this past weekend.  The only thing I really checked was any notifications on my phone (because I didn’t want to miss a text from Michael), and even then, when I went on my walk, the phone didn’t come with me.  I have more to talk about on the subject of social media and technology in a future post (perhaps the very next post, if you’re lucky..hint, hint).  However, I did take a few pictures from the list, so in no particular order, here they are.


Of course, I wanted to see fireworks, but I was in a bit of a conundrum because I really didn’t want to go out by myself.  We have a wonderful area to see the fireworks with food trucks and live music, but by the time I knew Michael was going on a trip, there really wasn’t enough time to plan anything.  So, I stayed home.  Luckily, in Texas, it’s very flat, and I could watch the fireworks from my bedroom window, which is the shot I snapped above.  It was really nice, and I didn’t get any mosquito bites!


Because Texas gets so hot, and my skin burns so bad, I had to reserve a lot of the outdoor activities for early morning or late evening, although early morning was the coolest.  So, Saturday morning I went for a walk with the pup, and Sunday morning, before church, I sat on my back porch on some blankets and read (as shown above).  It is also so quiet in the mornings that I could just sit, relax, read, and enjoy a cup of tea.


I did have a few indulgences this weekend as well.  I have been craving no bake cookies for weeks now.  When I found a recipe that had all ingredients I usually have on hand, I just went for it.  So easy, and so delicious as well.  They were a perfect treat for the weekend (and a nice treat for Michael when he got home).


Also, I rented a movie from Redbox Saturday night.  I wanted Vampire Academy, which I knew was bad going into it, but I had no idea exactly how bad it was.  I always pictured the story as a bit of a dark story, and the movie tried to make a comedy out of it.  Plus, not really how I pictured Dimitri.  I always thought Dimitri was agile, and this guy just didn’t seem agile.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  However, I did enjoy a small bowl of Magic Cookie Bar Ice Cream from BlueBell.  This is an amazing experience by itself, and I highly recommend the indulgence.

So, those are all my pictures from my independent Independence day.  Did everyone have a great holiday?  See any fireworks or have anything special you ate this weekend?  Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “My Fourth of July Weekend”

  1. I was all ready to feel sad for you when I started reading you were alone over the weekend and then after reading, I’m a tad (ok, more than a tad) jealous of all the relaxing quiet time you got! Glad the pup is okay!

  2. That sounds like such a lovely weekend! (Minus the trip to the ER, although I’m SO glad that your fur-baby is okay!!!). I think it’s good to have some down time every once in awhile, and especially good to unplug sometimes!

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