My Experience With….Social Media aka being an online introvert

“My Experience With…” will be a series on my blog where I share my thoughts and perspective on various topics. I invite you to visit the disclaimer section of my blog before continuing with the post below.

As far as social media, I have a blog, personal Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.  Being online has amazing rewards, such as having a well-documented record of your life as well as finding people with similar interests.  Still, after six and a half years of being online semi-consistently, I struggle with spending time online versus living life offline.

You have to find a balance between staying offline long enough to enjoy the fleeting moments of life versus documenting those moments to revisit as you get older.  I have seen friends close Facebook accounts in an effort to spend more time with family, while others try to ramp up their online interaction to keep friends and family up to date.  Realistically, you can’t be both online and offline at the same time.  At any given moment, you have to choose one or the other.

Honestly, being offline is usually my preference.  I feel better connected when I’m in a face to face conversation with people versus a text-based one.  Perhaps it’s because I’m an extrovert.  Being around people really energizes me. In fact, I’d much rather show up at a coffee shop and talk to complete strangers for two hours than to spend that time reading, commenting, posting, pinning or tweeting online.  The latter, to me, is absolutely draining.

So though I’m an extrovert offline, I definitely feel like an introvert online.  I’m envious of people who can interact online with ease. When I spend a lot of time online, I have trouble sustaining social energy without large quantities of “offline time,” or time away from “screens”.  I may go a couple weeks blogging regularly and spending a lot of time online, but if I don’t balance it out, I burn out and can go weeks without wanting any online interaction.

Personally, balancing social media time with living life offline is quite a challenge.  I love getting to know people, which is the main reason I’m online in the first place.  I’m still trying to find ways to keep from burning out.  Are you an online guru or do you prefer the offline experience?  Or are you somewhere in between?  How do you find your balance?


4 thoughts on “My Experience With….Social Media aka being an online introvert”

  1. First of all, Katy, you are a great writer! I enjoy reading your blogs! Yes, I am also an extrovert, who draws energy from being around people. I prefer to interact with people and being active rather than sitting at home. I try to limit my time on the computer to about 30 minutes at home after work. There are some evenings that I will not get on the computer because I have been on the computer all day at work. And, right now, I am signing off as I need to hem a pair of pants for a friend.

  2. I usually try to keep my blogging at a set time every day. If I don’t fit blogging into that time, then I just don’t blog. But like anyone who interacts online, I’m guilty of sometimes letting things get out of control. Every once in awhile, I definitely have to unplug. (AND I always make sure that my friends are cool with my taking pics for future blog purposes. AND I make sure that I don’t go on Facebook or text while I’m with a friend. I think it’s important to experience life, and a pet peeve of mine is when I’m out with someone, and they’re texting or updating Facebook). Life is short, and we have to make sure we really make time for the people that matter. GREAT post by the way. 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicole! I like the setting limits idea. I think it’s taken me (and still taking me) a while to be okay with not posting on a schedule. I want this to be a conversation, not feel like a second job! 🙂

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