Weekly Check In 1/17/15

This is the second installment of my weekly check in for January.  Here’s a link to the first one.

This was really the first week of getting back to normal.  There weren’t a whole lot of big things that happened this week.  In fact, even today was a pretty low-key kind of day.

We added to our fish tank today.  Michael got mollies, a type of fish that can live in both saltwater and freshwater, to eat the algae that is growing in our tank.  That was pretty much the extent of our outing.  We spent the rest of the day at home, watching Criminal Mind reruns and doing little things around the house.  It was really nice to have a quiet day after the craziness of the last several weeks.

Sunday, we met with some of our church leaders after worship service to have a time of prayer with those people who have experienced loss and grief over the last year.  They wanted us to know that we aren’t alone.  I really appreciated the time of sharing and communion with them as well as other people who have been through some kind of loss as well.

GriefShare was really good on Wednesday.  We had more people attend this week than last week, and to hear their stories was so encouraging.  Even though the circumstances of loss are different and the way we grieve may be different, there is such a compassionate camaraderie among everyone there.

Full disclosure, I had more planned for my week nights this week, but I realized I was over-committing myself.  I tend to do that a lot.  I get caught up in the excitement of new opportunities that I forget to incorporate time for reflection, evaluation and just plain old down time into my schedule.  I could feel myself start to get overwhelmed, and I took that as a sign that I needed to have a more simpler plan for this week.  It was so hard to tell people no, but this year I want to be more intentional with my time, and I felt like this was a good first step.

So, this week, we got some much needed rest.  Michael will be working longer days next week, so it was good to be able to spend extra time with him, especially today.  I hope you all have had a good week, and I will check in with you next Saturday!


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