Weekly Check In-2/14/15

This week has been absolutely wonderful.  It started with an amazing God conversation with a friend Sunday morning.  I love the spontaneous moments where God is realized in life moments.

The rest of the week was pretty productive.  I have really found my groove in work.  I’ve been working on this project for a year, and I am seeing the end in sight.  It’s kind of crazy to think I’m on this side of it because when I first started this project, it seemed insurmountable.  But that’s how you eat an elephant, I suppose.

This month is pet dental health month, and my vet charges a 50% discount for teeth cleaning.  So, Friday, I brought in both of our pups that morning and picked them up that afternoon.  It was so quiet all day during work.  I missed them so much, but when they came back with their matching bandages, it was just so adorable that I snapped a picture.


And then today, Michael and I spent the entire day together, which was really needed after his long hours at work all week.  We did some coral shopping, and I did a little early dress shopping for an upcoming wedding.  Then, Michael made dinner tonight.  He made two different steaks, a rib eye and a new york strip, and divided them between us.  For sides, he made sweet potatoes with almond butter and cinnamon and asparagus topped with shredded crab.  It was amazing.  The steaks were perfect.  The sides were delicious.  I shared a picture of the meal on Instagram (@katyslifestory)  if you want to see that one.  And for dessert, we hopped into the car and went to Dairy Queen.

We have been going to Dairy Queen on Valentine’s night for 10 years now.  He actually proposed to me in a DQ on Valentine’s Day eight years ago.  I love our little tradition, and I look forward to going there with him for many more years to come.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  I will check in with you again next week!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Check In-2/14/15”

    1. That is my baby! We have a pretty awesome vet, and we are so thankful because just this past year has been quite an expensive journey for us with the brindle colored one….we were thankful for the little financial break!

  1. […] And finally, we did our Valentine’s tradition last night of going to blizzards at Dairy Queen.  As we have gotten older, our blizzards have gotten smaller, but it’s still a tradition I cherish.  I mentioned it last year as well in a weekly check in. […]

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