Weekly Check in 2/28/15

If I had to pick a theme for this week, it would be “Ice and Snow.”  Last week, a large part of the south was hit with a bunch of cold weather, but Dallas missed it, enjoying a wonderful, almost spring-like weather.  However, this week, we were included in the icepocolypse weather.

Michael worked from home both Monday and Tuesday.  It was so wonderful to spend time with him during the work week.  Usually, it’s just me and the pups.  It was a welcome change.

It did knock me off my routine, although that wasn’t the only factor.  Since we were completely iced over Monday and Tuesday, I didn’t do my usual running, so I did mostly yoga this week.  I really love yoga and I think I actually prefer it to running, although a good run does wonders for me mentally too.

Friday, it finally snowed…and snowed, and snowed!  It snowed pretty much all day, leaving a good amount of snow in our yard (at least for Texas).  When Michael got home, I made a snow angel and threw snowballs.  I gathered falling snow all day in Tupperware to that we could make snow ice cream – a first for both of us!  Here’s the concoction we made when we were done.


It was SO good.  I was surprised that Michael had never made it before, considering he lived in Illinois most of his life where there is lots of snow.  New Orleans didn’t give us much of a chance.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but this month, I’ve been somewhat of a stressball.  There has been a big decision looming all month, and I finally made the decision yesterday.  I know that’s all vague and whatnot, but I can’t really go into details just yet.  There are a few more things that need to be done, but once they are completed, expect a post from me!  It is good, however, to have that stress finally resolved.

Today, it’s errand day.  I’m going to do my monthly Walmart run, as well as some other errands that just get done around this time of the year.  I went to the thrift store for some jeans to wear to the SPCA.  I wanted to get some that I wouldn’t mind getting messed up.  I also got a manicure as well, which was nice, and needed!

Tonight, we are going to a Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner event put on by our church.  Basically, you sign up as either a guest or host.  We signed up as guests.  We were given an address this afternoon of a family who signed up as a host who will be hosting dinner.  We don’t know the people, or the other guests, so this will be interesting!  I’m not sure if I will be able to write more, as I don’t know when we will get back from the dinner, but I know it will be fun to meet new people.

Next month, I will continue to do the weekly check ins, but they might not get up until Sunday.  Sunday, I have more time to focus on them than I do on Saturday, which typically is our driving around errand days, and special event kind of days.  So, expect them to go up probably late Sunday afternoon.  I hope that schedule will help me.  So, next weekly check in will be a week from tomorrow.  Catch up with you then!  (Stay tuned tomorrow for my 2015 goals update!)


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