2015 Goals–March Update

Here we are entering into month three.  I’m getting used to the ebb and flow of each of these goals, and I also realize that some of them still need some tweaking.  It’s really easy at the start of the year to have some idealized version of what your life will be, that you will have all the time in the world to focus on these things without anything else coming into view.  That being said, I’m still pretty happy with how February worked out.

A Better Relationship with God

1.    Start a personal morning Bible study – This past week, I completed the 8 week study from the book Holding Onto Hope by Nancy Guthrie.  If you have ever dealt with any kind of loss, I highly recommend this study and book.  The only downside is that the last week is only one section of discussion questions, instead of the daily Bible study.  I divided those questions each day for the last week, just to fulfill the full 8 weeks.  I think I’m going to spend the month of March diving into certain scriptures that I wanted to read more thoroughly after being mentioned in this book study.  I also intend on purchasing another one of her bible studies for April or May.

2.    Maintain a personal prayer journal – Still going pretty strong with this one, and this month was a lot of late nights, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

Honoring My Husband

1.    Send my husband Words of Affirmation every day Show intentional love to my husband every day – I wrote in my planner every day some sort of idea I had to text or write to my husband in some way to show him that I’m thinking about him, supporting him and loving him.  But full disclosure, this didn’t always happen.  I had some unexpected stress and probably some delayed grief that didn’t make me a complete gem to be around every day.  Yet, even so, we had a lot of really good conversations this month, so for that, I am grateful.

2.    Have weekly prayer times specifically directed about my husband – This isn’t happening every week, and I think it’s honestly a time issue.  I really want to work on creating a habitual time each day I spend in meditation and prayer, and I think that would really help me transition a special prayer time for my husband at least once a week.  I tried to do a meditation challenge this month on YouTube, but I wasn’t consistent.  I may try to do it again next month.  Whenever I do it, I feel so much better afterwards, but it’s actually starting that’s the hard part.

Living A Healthier Life

1.    Start running again – I am so glad that I did the yoga challenge in January, because I definitely felt a difference this month when I started running.  At first, I went by one running plan that was a little less structured, and realized I prefer something more rigid.  I’m running one of the varied couch to 5K running programs.  Of course, it was going well until the last week of February when we had the icepocolypse visit, but still did strength and yoga practice on days I couldn’t run, and I feel confident that I will be back to running on a consistent basis as the weather warms.

2.    Eat healthier and drink more water – I have been doing this pretty well, with the exception of my sugar intake.  Between girl scout cookies and Valentine’s Day, we have had a steady inflow of chocolate treats.  However, I have learned to incorporate other kinds of treats into my lifestyle.  For example, after dinner one Sunday night, I wanted dessert, but instead of getting a cookie or a piece of chocolate, I opted to take a warm bath and a hot tea.  I also read somewhere that you are more successful when you use the word “don’t” instead of “can’t,” like “I don’t eat sweets after 8” sounds better because it’s more of a decision on my part instead of something being withheld from me.

Get My House in Order

1.   Find a good home schedule that allows me less time cleaning and more time with family -I really like the “three chores a day” rule.  Of course, I’m doing more than just those chores, like I daily do dishes and a load of laundry, make the bed, etc.  But the chores seem less intimidating when it’s just a few that I have to do each day.

2.    Work on projects set aside in the kitchen, library, and master bedroom – Still on the back burner for now, but I’m making progress in planning

Become a Better Employee at my Job

1.    Create an efficient and organized way to complete work tasks – I have almost completely finished the major project that started a year ago.  Now, it’s all about maintaining every spinning plate I have.

2.    Discover ways to defeat unfocused or unmotivated times during work (specifically the lull in the afternoon) – Depending on my stress level, some days are better than others.  I find that when I’ve watched what I’ve eaten, exercised and got plenty of sleep, I do better with this.  Imagine that.

Being Involved in my Community

1.    Volunteer with the SPCA – I went to orientation and interviewed in February.  I still have to take a class on Animal Handling before they let me work with the dogs.  They talked about volunteering with the Behaviorists which I think would be fascinating work.

2.    Focus on better and earlier fundraising ideas for the Alzheimer’s Association – The walk has been officially announced, and I’ve signed up.  Now I need to focus on fundraising!

Developing Personal Time

1.    Explore a new (or old) hobby each month – I chose a cross stitch project this month, and I didn’t complete it entirely the way I wanted.  So, I’m going to continue working on that in addition to the March hobby I chose, which is putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  It was going to be gardening, but I think the weather will be more cooperative in April for my plans.  Once I finish the cross stitch project, I will share with you in my weekly check in!

2.    Schedule a pamper/relaxation time each month – For February, I decided I would get a manicure on the last day of the month to fulfill this goal.  It was going to be a pedicure, but there was snow on the ground, and…yea.  I already have a facial scheduled for the first Saturday in March, so I’m ahead of the game on this.  The one challenge is finding good deals and good prices.

There are some changes on the horizon that might change these goals a little bit, but I will get more into that this month.  As far as March goes, we are going to be a lot busier this month than we were the last two combined, so these goals are going to get a lot more interesting.  Check back with you next month!

(Also, as a side note, if you aren’t reading my weekly check ins, I encourage you to do that.  I can go into more detail on those.  Those will be going up on Sundays this month starting next Sunday.  Plus, I have been working on updating my twitter a couple of times daily, plus I’m also working on my Instagram as well.  If you have those platforms, be sure to follow me.  I’m not really active on Facebook very often.  I have the same handle on both Twitter and Instagram – @katyslifestory)


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