Weekly Check In 3/15/15

This past week had a lot of ups and downs.  It started with phone calls from my family about my grandpa.  He fell the week before, and ended up in the hospital with confusion, and then they found a mass on his lung that has also gone to his lymph nodes.  However, by the end of this week, he was home and doing well despite being on oxygen and having to use a walker.

The main event of this past week was my brother’s wedding this weekend.  My brother’s wife (it’s cool to say that now) is from Panama City, Florida, which is where the wedding was.  It was really nice, despite spring break being in full swing.  We only had one loud moment in the middle of the night.  It lasted about 5-10 minutes and then that was it.  We had pretty restful nights, otherwise. 

We got in late Friday night, so we didn’t really get to see anyone.  Saturday morning, we met my parents at St. Andrew’s State Park for some time on the beach.  While you do have to pay $8, it is worth the money to be able to have a quieter experience compared to some of the public beaches in the area.  Now, I will be honest with you.  I am not a fan of the beach. It has a lot to do with the fact that I burn very easily.  Like step out onto the sand and I’m a lobster, easily.  I have to be very liberal with the sunscreen and coverings, which pretty much sequesters me to under an umbrella or a towel (my dad said I looked like I was wearing the towel like a burka).  But when I’m on vacation, that only works okay for a little while.  I will eventually want to get up and explore, make sand castles, float in the water – all activities requiring me to be in the sun, and then, I burn.

Anyway, we weren’t there very long, since we were going to lunch at 11:30, and then we needed to get ready for the wedding.  So between sunscreen, wearing a towel around my head and spending less than an hour in direct sunlight, I didn’t sunburn.  Seriously, this is a first!  After the beach, we ate at Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Grill for lunch.  It was SO good.  Michael and I shared a seafood combo platter which was plenty, and then we shared a piece of key lime pie (it was PI day after all!).

After that, we headed back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the wedding.  The wedding, itself, was simple, small and short, and absolutely perfect.  They recited I Corinthians 13 as their vows to each other (apparently, it was the same verses my brother used to propose – so romantic!).  Then, after the wedding, we headed to her mom’s house for a BBQ reception.  I managed at that point to get a selfie with the gorgeous bride.


I’m so happy for them both, and I hope that they have many, many years of wedded bliss together.  I’m so glad to have a girl like Michelle as part of my family.

We went to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel, because we had to drive to Pensacola for our flight today.  It’s been quite a long day, so I’m going to head to bed to rest up for the work week ahead.  I hope you all have had a wonderful week!  Check in with you next week!


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