Weekly Check In March 22, 2015

So, this is going up a day late because this past week, my laptop went kaput again.  It’s not the laptop, but the connection to the charger.  There was a crackle noise and a burning smell, and now it no longer works.  This is the second time, so now I’m debating whether or not I should repair again or get a new one, or a third option, just work solely from my desktop.

Wednesday was my due date from my recent pregnancy turned miscarriage.  I wrote a blog that day reflecting on the things I’ve learned, and I took the day off from work.  My friend Lori stopped by for a quick hug, and I received texts and facebook comments throughout the day.  I’m so appreciative of the support I receive from all of you.  Thank you, again.

Thursday morning, I went to my OB for the final check up from this pregnancy.  It was another emotional check, and we talked about what was going on in my life.  She recommends for all women who go through a late miscarriage to wait for at least 6 months before trying again, for both emotional and physical reasons.  She also dealt with infertility issues in her life, so it is nice to have an completely understanding doctor fighting in your corner.

Friday was the first day of spring.  It rained here, which I thought was appropriate, but I wanted to do something special to signify the beginning of a new season.  Even though I plan to do a lot more gardening next month, I bought some herbs to celebrate spring.  I plan to plant them along side peppers, which I hear works very well.  I bough basil and oregano, and also got some chive seeds (because I haven’t given up on attempting to grow these yet).  I will tell you more next month.

Then, Friday evening, Michael and I headed to our church’s Couples Retreat.  It was not a marriage seminar, but an honest to goodness retreat.  The retreat was hosted and led by Corey Allen, a marriage and family therapist.  You can find out more about him on his website Simple Marriage.  We had a few presentation times, followed by breaking away with our spouse for some question and answer time, but the majority of the weekend, we were encouraged to spend time with our spouse and with other couples who can encourage us on our marriage journey.

Saturday afternoon, Michael took me to this sushi bistro that he went to earlier in the week with his work colleagues for lunch.  He said he thought of it because this place had the kind of fried rice that I really like – the kind that isn’t really greasy.  We also shared some sushi which came on a boat.

WP_20150321_002 Saturday night, we had a murder mystery dinner.  Some of us were told beforehand what character we were to play.  I was Reese Rich, a wealthy entrepreneur who blackmailed everyone who worked for me, and I owned half the town.  So I wasn’t a very likable character, but I played the part.  The story opens with a serial killer on the loose, and during round two I end up getting killed.  When I walked back into the room with the victim sign on my scarf, the whole room cheered, which must have meant I did a wonderful job with my character.  During round three, everything was revealed.  There were two killers, the serial killer who was played by my friend Ashley who was a club DJ in the story and the one who killed me who ended up being our youth minister’s wife, who played a political candidate for mayor.  It was so much fun.

Of course, we didn’t get home until Sunday afternoon, and we wanted to make the weekend last a little longer, so we saw Cinderella at the movie theater.  It was so beautiful, very well done.  Of course, there were no real plot surprises, but I loved that the themes presented were about having courage, being kind, and forgiving those who wrong you.  It also had a minor theme about dealing with loss and grief, which I thought was done very well, too. There wasn’t a lot of singing (though they sang a version of Lavender Blue which I knew from “So Dear to my Heart”, another Disney movie), but the gorgeous cinematography, costumes and choreography was reason enough to see this film.  It is definitely something I would encourage anyone to watch.

So, that sums up the week, one with many ups and a few downs.  Hope you all have a wonderful last full week of March!


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